Cambodia visa types

If you wish to apply for a Cambodian visa, you need to know about the different Cambodia visa types. Through its Ministry of foreign affairs, Cambodia's government offers visas to suit the needs of international visitors coming to the country. 

This article reviews the different types of visas and their application procedure.

Who Needs A Visa To Enter Cambodia?

Before we delve into the different types of Cambodian visas, we must point out that not everyone needs a visa to enter the Southeast Asian country. The government allows citizens from selected countries to stay in the country for 14-30 days visa-free. Such visitors are only required if they wish to stay in Cambodia for more than 30 days. You don't need a visa if you are from

  • Malaysia – Brunei – Indonesia – Philippines – Laos – Seychelles – Singapore – Vietnam – Thailand

If you don't come from any of these countries, you can apply for a visa online or submit your application to the Cambodian embassy in your country. Citizens from the following country are not allowed to apply for a visa to Cambodia online

  • Algeria – Afghanistan – Iran – Iraq – Bangladesh – Pakistan – Saudi Arabia – Sudan – Sri Lanka – Syria.

People from these countries must visit the embassy in their country or apply for a visa on arrival.

Cambodia Visa Types

Here are the different types of business visas available to eligible applicants. Do note that there are different requirements for each of them.

Tourist Visa: Those coming to Cambodia as tourists will need this visa to enter the country. A tourist visa allows you to visit any part of the country to enjoy the side attractions.

Ordinary Visa: The ordinary visa is similar to a tourist visa and is the most flexible visa of them all, but it can be extended by a few more months.

Business Visa: An EB visa is designed for business visitors coming for business-related activities. Business visas are valid for 6 -12 months but can be extended for many more months.

Retirement Visa: Cambodia has a retirement Visa for foreign nationals who desire to spend their retirement years in Cambodia. Retirees who qualify for the visa are issued permanent resident permits, so they are free to travel or stay in Cambodia as long as they wish. In the beginning, they are issued with a one-year visa which is extendable by one year for several more years until the Y qualifies for permanent residency.

Student Visa: A student visa is for international students admitted into academic institutions in the country. The visa is valid for as long as the course lasts.

Job-Seeking Visa: Cambodia has a special job-seeking visa for foreigners looking for employment in the country. The visa is extendable for up to six months.

E Visa: Lastly is the electronic visa, which does not require a visa to the embassy in your country. E visas are solely for short visits and allow the visitor to stay for 30 days, and you can also extend it by a further 30 days.

How To Apply For A Cambodian Visa

There are multiple ways to apply for a visa depending on the one you qualify for. We review the options below.

Online Visa

You can apply for an online e-visa if you are only coming for a short visit to Cambodia. You don't need to submit any physical documents or visit the embassy in your country. From the comfort of your home, simply do the following

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Select Cambodia as your destination

  • Select your country of origin

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Fill out the application form

  • Attach all Cambodia visa travel documents

  • Pay your visa fee with a credit or debit card

  • Submit for Processing

Approved e-visas will be forwarded to your registered email address. Please print it out, bring it on your trip, and present it to the immigration officers at the airport or border post.

Visa On Arrival

Another method is to apply for a visa on arrival. This visa is only issued to citizens from selected countries, so check if you are eligible for it. Those who qualify for it can travel to Cambodia without a visa; once they arrive at the airport, immigration officers will direct them to a kiosk where they will be issued the visa-on-arrival application to fill. After paying the application fee, their visa will be approved on the spot and allowed into the country.


Embassy Application

Embassy application is for those who cannot apply for e-visas and do not qualify for a visa on arrival. They can submit their applications to the Cambodian embassy in their countries for processing. This option is mandatory for long-term visas like work or retirement visas.

There are different Cambodia visa types, and their application fees vary. Prepare to pay $30 and above for processing, and note that the fee is non-refundable.

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