Vietnam visa for US citizens

Vietnam is a beautiful place to visit for travelers. It is a country that is considered a safe tourist destination with many scenic views and nature. American citizens might want to visit Vietnam either for visiting purposes or a business trip.

Regardless, a Vietnam visa on arrival is required. US citizens can get their visas on arrival to Vietnam.

If you plan to go to Vietnam, you must be aware of their policies and visa requirements as a US citizen!

Is a Vietnam visa required for US citizens?

You will need to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival to Vietnam regardless of the purpose of your visit.

A tourist visa and a business visa will be required depending on why you have come to visit Vietnam, and they will land you in hot waters with the Vietnamese government if you cannot show one at entry.

In case of any discrepancy with the visa or the health form, the Vietnamese authorities can request you to show proper documents.

The Vietnamese authorities also have the right to deny or approve any visa application.

What are the Different Types of Visas Available?

There are several different Vietnam visas you can obtain. There are tourist e-visas, business e-visa, business visas, and tourist visas. The valid dates for this visa are 30 days.

However, there are valid visas for up to a year. Most visas for tourism are eligible for 30 days only.

Moreover, you can get a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. If you have a tourist visa for a year, you must leave Vietnam after 90 days.

Similarly, if you are in Vietnam on a business visa, you will have to leave after 6 months.

Requirements for the Vietnam Visa

There are several requirements for the visa application that need to be fulfilled for you to be eligible for the visa.

Only United States passport holders with passport validity of 6 months after their arrival in Vietnam can get a visa.

Moreover, all travelers to Vietnam need to fill out a health declaration form 3 days before the flight. Therefore ensure that any medical treatment is in place and does not hinder the visa application.

Whether or not you have filled this form will be checked on the Vietnam borders. If you haven't filled out this form, you might face strict actions from the Vietnamese government and may not have your request to enter Vietnam entertained.

You can contact the Vietnamese embassy or visit other internet sites, such as VisaHQ, to know more about the visa requirements.

Application Process for US Citizens Visiting Vietnam

In the application, you will need to provide detailed instructions about yourself, such as the name on your passport, date of birth, nationality, passport number, arrival date, and passport photos.

The passport photos should not be too old and from within the past half year. Passport holders with multiple passports must provide the nationality that matches the passport they provide in the application form.

There are several internet sites through which you can apply for an online visa application of Vietnam. One of these internet sites is VisaHQ. You can get further information about their process on their website. They provide a super easy process to apply for a Vietnamese visa.

Tourist Visas

For travelers, US citizens can get a tourist visa for 30 days for a single entry. You will get this at the international airports before your departure.

You can apply online for this tourist visa and receive it from the Vietnam immigration department. This Vietnamese visa is issued in about 3 days if all your requirements have been fulfilled.

Due to covid 19 and its spread, these visas are not issued if you are from a region with a greater covid spread. Vietnam did not allow travelers from many countries during the covid 19 crisis.

Business Visas

To get a business visa, you must have a company that sponsors you in Vietnam.

You will be required to get an approval letter from your sponsor company which should contain 2 forms and a business registration that is certified. These documents will be sent to the Vietnam Immigration Department, which will process the results within a week.

If the application sent by the company is approved, they will receive an approval letter.

You will have the visa stamped at the Vietnam embassy on your passport in a business visa. You can either get an electronic visa for business or normal business visas.

If there is any issue with the business visa you should get in touch with the Embassy immediately. Moreover, if you wish to prolong your stay, you must contact your company for a work permit.

Things to Remember

Considering Covid policies, Vietnam does not issue a visa to those foreign nationals who have recently visited.

US citizens need to follow all visa protocols and do not get special treatment from local authorities or exemption from local laws.

It would be best if you remembered that the United States government or the Consulate General could not create special rules. It would be best if you exercised normal precautions so that you don't face any trouble in acquiring the visas.

Once in Vietnam, you should also ensure that you follow Vietnamese laws. If you are wondering where you can apply for a Vietnam visa as an American citizen, you can check out VisaHQ.

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