Vietnam visa for Egyptian

Entering Vietnam while holding an Egyptian passport is easy. You must submit the required documents and get a Vietnam visa stamped on your Egypt passport. Many visit Vietnam to view its alluring landscapes, rich culture, heritage, and hustling cities and taste its extraordinary cuisine.

If you are traveling from Egypt city with an Egypt passport, then as per the laws, Egyptian passport holders are required to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. Egypt citizens must provide a proper Egypt address, visa service fee, and the following documents to get the visa stamped on their original passport.

Vietnam Tourist Visa

For a Vietnam tourist visa, Egyptian citizens must submit documents in the English language. If the documents are in Egyptian, then you must get them translated and then submit the documents with the application to get a visa approval letter. Thirty and ninety days single entry and multiple entry Vietnam visas are available for application. Generally, they come in a single business day but can take up to 15 days, depending on the application and visa case.

Vietnam Business Visa

Similar to the tourist visa, the business visa for Vietnam also requires you to submit the documents in English. All the Egyptian language or other countries' language documents are required to be translated. Egyptian citizens have a month and three months of validity for single entry and multiple entry business visas. The visa processing time is usually a single day or can vary depending on the application for a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

You can also avail visa approval letter and visa stamped through the visa on arrival facility. You can apply for a Vietnam visa online by fulfilling the Vietnam visa requirement and gaining your visa through email before coming to Egypt. Egyptian citizens can get their Egypt passport stamped at different Vietnam International Airports, including the Noi Bai International airport HAN, Tan Son Nhat International airport SGN and Da Nang International airport DAD.

Vietnam Visa Procedure through Visa Application Center

Egypt passport holders can apply Vietnam visa through the visa application center. They can obtain Vietnam visa on arrival, a tourist visa, and a business visa directly by applying visa at Vietnam embassy in Egypt, or they can apply visa through VisaHQ. Below are the visa requirements and further information.

Vietnam Visa Requirements

  • Original passport. The valid passport must have at least six months of validity.

  • Passport size pictures with white backgrounds, neutral facial expressions, and a straight head.

  • Application for Vietnam Visa that is fully completed and signed. You can obtain and apply visa by getting the application form through the Vietnam embassy.

  • To get a Vietnam visa, you must show proof of paid Vietnam visa fee. It can be an online transaction slip or a physical transaction slip. Make sure that it has your details and is in electronic form.

  • Any other documents the Vietnam embassy requires must be submitted, such as invitation letters, sponsorship letters, letters from institutes, etc. Any document stating the purpose of the travel, stay period, and other important details should be included.

  • For Visa on arrival, the Egyptian passport holder must get an approval letter before traveling to the country.

  • Entry and Exit must be obtained. This is also known as an application form to get Vietnam visa. This form is generally present on the airplane, and the applicant has to complete it and sign it before providing it to the Vietnam Immigration Officers present at the entry port.

  • You should also have the cash to pay your visa stamping fee at the port of entry.

Submitting Vietnam Visa Application Form

You must have your visa stamping fee ready when submitting your application. You can submit your application at the embassy, or you can submit it online at VisaHQ. The submission process is easy. You have to complete the visa form, get all the documents ready, and submit it online at the visa center. Then you have to wait for the visa approval from the embassy.

Vietnam Visa Process After Visa Approval Letter

After receiving the visa approval letter from the Vietnam immigration department, the next step is to get your Vietnam visa stamped. There might be some visa stamp fees that you will have to pay upon arrival at Vietnam airport if you have a visa on arrival or at the Vietnam immigration department or embassy.

Vietnam Visa Fee

The fee for a Vietnam visa varies as per the category of the visa. For a Vietnam visa, you must submit a stamping fee, especially if you are traveling through the Vietnam visa on arrival category. The visa fee for multiple and single entry tourist visa valid for up to one month or three months is around 570 EGP. Whereas, for a business visa that is a single entry or multiple entry with a validity of a month or up to ninety days, it is also around 570 EGP.

Note: The visa fee includes the service fee, embassy fee, and other fees required by the Vietnam government to get Vietnam visa. There is no extra fee charged with apply online facility.

Vietnam Visa for Egyptian Citizens through Vietnam Embassy

Vietnam visa for Egyptian citizens through the Vietnam embassy or consulate is quite similar to the Vietnam visa through the application center. However, the main difference between the two is that you have to apply Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Egypt by visiting the Vietnam embassy or consulate. You can visit the Vietnam embassy in Egypt website and apply Vietnam visa online, or you can submit required documents directly at the embassy.

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