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Recently, Vietnam is becoming a favorite destination for many Chinese citizens. According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the number of foreign visitors has increased, with forty-seven percent being Chinese citizens. Most Chinese citizens enjoy visiting beaches like Phu Quoc, Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Quang Ninh. China and Vietnam have a very long border, making it easy for them to visit each other. However, to visit Vietnam, Chinese passport holders need to get Vietnam visa.

They can take the bus, train, or even travel by air but not without a visa, as China is not on the Vietnam visa exemption list. A few common airlines include Hong Kong Airlines, China Eastern, Air China, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, China Southern, Cathay Pacific, Asiana Airlines, Thai Airways, and others. You can use different ways to get a Vietnam visa based on how you plan to visit Vietnam.

Below are ways you can get Vietnam visa for Chinese citizens.

Vietnam Tourist Visa

Chinese Passport holders need to apply Vietnam visa while traveling to Vietnam. They can apply for an e visa and submit the online form, but Chinese citizens will have to submit the visa application in person at the Vietnam embassy. This rule applies to all tourist visas. There are two types when it comes to applying for a Vietnam visa for Chinese passport holders. The tourist visa can be a single entry or multiple, and you can ask the Vietnam embassy for this while you apply Vietnam visa.

Tourist visa for Chinese Citizens Whose Passport Starts With "E"

The "E" in the Chinese passport number indicates that the passport is electronic. Such individuals must first acquire a Vietnam tourist visa sponsorship from a tourist company or business in Vietnam. Then after getting that, they can apply for a Vietnam visa and its approval letter.

Tourist visa for Chinese Citizens Whose Passport Starts Without "E"

A Chinese passport without E in the passport number means it is not electronic, and you can apply for an e visa to Vietnam by submitting a Vietnam visa online form y themselves or through different services like VisaHQ. The steps are as follows:

  • Complete a secure, simple online form and pay the visa fee

  • Then complete your Vietnam visa application form with the Vietnam immigration department

  • Once the processing time is complete and you obtain a Vietnam visa, download it

  • Take your downloaded visa and show it to the Vietnam immigration officer to enter Vietnam.

The Vietnam evisa is only valid at Noi Bai Int airport, Cam Ranh Int airport, Cat Bi Int airport, Can Tho International airport, and other Vietnam airports. However, if you still need help or have queries, you can always contact VisaHQ to resolve them.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival

The Vietnam visa on arrival has a very simple and easy process. You must fill out the visa application form online and then pay the visa fee. Once the visa processing is done, you will shortly get your Vietnam visa approval letter. After getting it, you just have to travel to Vietnam and get a visa stamped on your passport. You will have to provide the stamping fee, which is different for every visa and is directly paid to the Vietnamese airport's customs officials.

Vietnam Business Visa

There are two types of business visa. One is a single entry, while the other business visa is multiple entries. If you are applying for a Vietnam visa with a single entry, you can only enter Vietnam once and leave once. In contrast, a multiple entry Vietnam visa allows you to enter Vietnam multiple times until the visa date is valid. To get a business visa, you need to do the following.

Getting Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

Ask your sponsor to apply for NA16 and NA2 and then get their business registration certified. Once they have completed the Vietnam visa requirements, they can submit the documents to the Vietnam immigration department and wait for the visa approval letter and the visa processing to be complete. After getting the Vietnam visa approval letter, your company can let you get your visa stamped.

Getting Visa Stamped

To get your visa stamping done, you must visit the Vietnam embassy or consulate general in your country. They will stamp the Vietnam visa on your passport, and you just have to pay the stamping fee, and you will be good to go.

Documents Requirement

The general visa requirements for a Vietnam visa include the following:

  • Original and signed passport with at least six months validity after arrival.

  • Passport size photographs with white background

  • A business letter for a business visa and other appointment letters to submit at the Vietnam embassy or consulate general.

  • You will have to tell the visa type and sometimes your desire to travel at interviews with Vietnamese embassies.

  • Have to show proof of finances such as bank statements at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate general.

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