Vietnam visa for Canadians

Vietnam is a beautiful country to visit, and all Canadian citizens need a Vietnam visa to visit Vietnam. You can enter Vietnam through different Vietnam airport, including Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, etc. Vietnam has now allowed Vietnam evisa and visa on arrival facilities for Canadian travelers. You will need a Vietnam visa if you want to visit Vietnam from Canada. Below are different type of visa that you can get for Vietnam in Canada.

Vietnam E Visa for Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens can get a Vietnam evisa when applying for their Vietnam tourist visa or business visa. As foreign visitors, you should know that the Vietnam evisa facility is available only at a few Vietnam airport, including Ho Chi Minh city, Ha Long city airport, the home to Ha Long Bay, and a few other airports in the country. When applying for e visa, you should follow the steps below:

  • First, select "Vietnam" as your destination country and "Canada" as your citizenship

  • Then, secure simple online form from the VisaHQ website and fill it out.

  • Then provide digital copies of your Canadian passport, passport size photographs, and visa approval letter.

This visa is a single entry Vietnam visa valid for up to a month. It has a processing time of three days and usually a fee of $95, with a stay valid for thirty days.

Vietnam Tourist Visa for Canadian Citizens

You can apply for a Vietnam tourist visa at VisaHQ. This Vietnamese visa has two application options; you can apply for an electronic visa or download the visa application form and submit it at the embassy. If you are applying through VisaHQ, then you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Set "Vietnam" as the destination country and your nationality as "Canadian Citizens."

  • Fill application form at VisaHQ and give your details, including your Canadian passport number, name, email, address, nationality, passport information, and other details.

  • Then pay the fee for the tourist visa and send your documents to VisaHQ.

  • You must send your original passport, passport size pictures, online application form, and Vietnam visa approval letter.

  • Your application will go into the process, and you will get your visa after processing.

Remember that this visa is only valid for up to a month with a maximum stay of thirty days and has three working days processing time with a fee of $156.

Business Visa for Canadian Passport Holders

The business visa can be an electronic visa or a standard visa, depending on your application. If you submit an online application form, you can do this through VisaHQ. You must register with your personal details and submit your business letter, photographs, passport, and other visa requirements.

After that, pay a fee of approximately $292 for the application process. You might have to pay the visa stamping fee when getting the visa stamped, and also, if you are planning to stay for more than thirty days in Vietnam, then you have to submit an approval letter from the Immigration department. This visa is a single entry visa with a maximum stay of 30 days and takes around five official processing days. You can contact VisaHQ or visit the Vietnam embassy in Ottawa for further consular service.

Visa On Arrival for Canadian Passport Holders

Yes, Vietnam offers Vietnam visa on arrival application for Canada and some other countries. You can only get a visa on arrival if you travel by air. You have to submit the following documents to the Vietnam embassy in Ottawa:

Apply for your visa on arrival application today by submitting the required documents online and waiting for an approval letter from the Vietnam embassy. Once you get the approval letter, you can take your travel documents along with the applicants' approval letter and get your visa stamped upon arrival. Make sure to keep your visa stamping fee, as you will be required to pay it at the Vietnam immigration department.

Loose Leaf Visa for Canadian Citizens

The Vietnam loose leaf visa is just a standard Vietnam visa issued on paper. Applicants do not have to submit their passport to the Vietnam embassy in Ottawa to get their visa stamped. This type of visa is issued on a separate paper after you complete the visa requirements. You must carry this Vietnam visa to the Vietnam immigration department on your arrival date and your passport to enter Vietnam.

This type of visa on arrival application can be a single entry or multiple entry Vietnam visa. The visa requirements for this Vietnam visa are simple. You have to fill out the VisaHQ application form, submit the visa requirements documents, and wait for visa processing time and your visa on arrival. Also, pay a Vietnam visa fee ranging from $240 to $387.

Official Visa for Canadian Passport Holders

The official Vietnam visa is valid for up to six months and is a multiple entry Vietnam visa. You can get a maximum stay in Vietnam for up to 30 days, and you must pay a $449 fee while waiting for 3 to 5 business days for the visa to process. You can apply for this electronic visa through VisaHQ in three easy steps. The steps include:

  • Apply for an electronic visa application form on the VisaHQ website

  • Send your passport, passport size photographs, and foreign affairs letter addressed to the Vietnam embassy present in Canada stating your name, passport number, and reason for acquiring a Vietnamese visa.

  • Receive your visa application approval letter and easily enter Vietnam through this e visa.

Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months after your arrival date in Vietnam. If it has an expiry date before six months, you will not receive your Official e visa.

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