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Ahh, the visa process, no we're not talking about the kind of visa that let's you buy your plane tickets or that Prada bag, no this is the kind of visa you need to travel to other countries. [full text]
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Each year tourists flock to all corners of the world, for pleasure, business, leisure, study, and often weddings and funerals etc. Therefore it is indeed crucial for the traveler to have all areas of their travel plans prepared well ahead of the scheduled departure. [full text]
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Unfortunately such things as out of country business trips, deaths of loved ones, weddings, funerals etc see us needing to travel almost on the spur of the moment at times. With lengthy time frames for visa lodgment and returns, we often are placed in a situation we see no solution to. But wait! may have the solution for you. [full text]
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Having a universal travel visa is pure and simply, almost the same as the original visa from years back. The excellent news is that we now can apply on-line which will save time as well as money. This saves money traveling to lodge the application, as well as the fees for postage. [full text]
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Mention the visa process and most people head for the hills! Or some will smile and think "Woohoo Gucci shoes, tax free items and perchance that authentic Rolex watch. Think again, the visa I speak of is not this type of visa. It's the stamped and approved endorsement you require to gain entry into a foreign country. [full text]
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While multiple hands of VisaHQ is busy with passports and visas, we still have one left on a pulse of travel industry in Cyber space. This article is dedicated to travel professionals offering various services that could potentially help with preparation for your trip, save you some money or virtually introduce you to the place you have never been before and going there for the first time. We constantly updating the list and welcome all your feedback - positive or negative. VisaHQ has no affiliation with websites listed on this page, all the resources are provided for your reference only. [full text]

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