US Passport Child

Applying for a US passport child is possible as long as you are a US citizen and the child in question is yours with verifiable proof. Every US citizen is eligible for a passport, and since citizenship by birth is still a thing, you can apply for a passport for your child. The process of passport application for children is slightly different for adults. Ehime adult citizens aged 18 years and above can apply for a passport independently; minors cannot unless their parents do so.

Form DS-11

The DS-11 form is the standard application form of the United States Department of State. This form is the official form used for new passports, so as you prepare to apply for the child's passport, this is the form you must fill out. Many confuse Form DS-11 with Form DS-82, but they are not for the same purpose.

While Form DS-82 is for applications to renew an expired or a soon-to-expire passport, Form Ds-11 is for new passport applications. DS-82 is not meant for child passport applications because, under Federal Law, a child's passport cannot be renewed. Should your child's passport expire, your only option is to apply for a new passport at the passport office? Only adults can apply for a renewal of their passports.

Child Passport Validity

Child passports are valid for five years; once they expire, the child's parents must apply for a new one. Without a passport, you can't take your child across the border to Canada or Mexico, and neither can you fly them abroad on vacation or for any other purpose.

How To Apply For A US Passport For Your Child

To apply for a passport for your child, find below the steps to take.

Complete The DS-11 Form: The crust step is to complete the DS-11 application form on behalf of your child. You can fill out the form using the online application Wizard, download it in PDF format, and fill it out by hand. Please don't sign it until you get Tor passport office and the officer attending to you instructs you to do so.

Provide Citizenship Proof: The second step is to provide proof of citizenship to show that you are a US citizen. An original photocopy of your birth certificate or naturalization certificate will do. You can provide yours or the certificate of the other parent.

Provide Proof of Parental Relationship: Both parents must provide proof of parental relationship. Any legal document like a birth certificate, adoption decree, or custody decree will be accepted as long as they are original copies.

Identity Card: A valid government issued identity card like a driver's license showing your picture and that of your child's parent is required. You can also use a valid US passport or a Military ID card.

Photograph: The recent photograph of the child, which shows their face clearly, is mandatory. The photo must not be bent, smeared, or torn.

Parental Consent: If one of the parents will not make it to the passport agency on the appointed day, they must submit a declaration of consent permitting the agency to issue the passport.

Other supporting documents may be required depending on the circumstances surrounding the child and the parents involved. For instance, if one of the parents is dead, the surviving parent must present a death certificate to the embassy as proof. In the case of guardians, they must provide court documents that grant them custody rights over the child.

Visiting The Agency/Embassy For The Passport Application

If you live in the United States, you can apply for a passport for your child by booking an appointment with the agency. If you live abroad, visit the US Consulate or embassy in the country to book an appointment. 

Walk-ins for passport applications are not allowed in most cases, so applicants are only attended to based on appointments. On the day of the appointment, appear at the office with your spouse/partner and the child carrying all the required documents.


How Long Is A Child Passport Valid For?

Child passports are valid for 5 years, not ten years, as is the case with adult passports. Furthermore, you can't renew the passport should it expire, as renewals are not allowed for children. If your child's passport expires, you must apply for a new one.

Processing Time

After submitting the application form at the passport office, you will have to wait 6-8 weeks to get it. However, the Department of State has a special Expedited service for emergencies which costs an extra fee. However, to expedite the process so that the passport comes out in a few days, you must explain to the officer in charge why you need the US passport child for a trip urgently and with proof.

Apply for US Passport Child Online
Apply for US Passport Child online
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