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Yvonne Silveira D'Souza reviewed VisaHQ
I recently applied for a visit visa to Sri Lanka and was pleasantly surprised when the same was processed within a day. Ms Simar Kaur did an excellent job with the least amount of hassles and in a very polite manner. Thanks Simar. (on Facebook)
Yvonne Silveira D'Souza 12.23.2015
Erika Lee reviewed VisaHQ
Recently had to get two visas to China and we worked through the NY office with Malika Wilson. Malika was very responsive and answered all my questions and emails during our process, since we did come across a few little hurdles... Thanks to Malika, we'll be able to make it into Mainland China during our trip to Hong Kong... I cannot commend her enough for her patience and efficient service through this nerve wrecking time... Who wants to send their passport off to anyone?? She really made this a great experience and I would recommend VISAHQ to anyone who's looking to get a visa from the US. Thanks Malika!!! (on Facebook)
Erika Lee 09.12.2015
Austin S. reviewed VisaHQ
This year, after a byzantine, year-long application process, the Chinese government awarded me a full-ride scholarship to get a master's in Ancient Chinese Literature. I've been incredibly excited this summer, as the term comes closer and closer to beginning in the fall. It's been a dream of mine for years to study in China.

I had less than a month to compile the necessary forms, which frontloaded an enormous amount of stress, and VisaHQ was super helpful getting everything finished in time. They were communicative and transparent in what was needed for my documents to be received and processed efficiently. When my passport photo needed to be retaken, they immediately contacted me and ended up submitting the new one on the very next day! This kind of turnaround really helps smooth over the stress of traveling.

There was one critical moment during this process when Trevin at the SF office went above and beyond the call of duty. My student visa was denied because my university didn't fill in a box on my visa application form. When I heard it was denied, I was full of despair. This tiny mistake threatened to completely derail years of hard, stressful work, and I'd already emptied my savings on a plane ticket/travel arrangements/preparation. It felt like I was watching the next few years of my life slip away.

Trevin was THE perfect person to help me during this time. He promised to advocate for me, and the next day, met with half the consulate to try and find a solution. When I was panicked, he stayed calm, and communicated clearly the things I needed to do to salvage the situation. He pulled me out of what felt like the beginning of a depressive spiral. In a situation where I felt helpless before the whims of bureaucrats, he was the man on the ground fighting for me to make it and pursue other alternatives.

Needless to say, after a very tense couple of days and lots of research, things worked out! I honestly think the service Trevin provided was as good as it gets, and if anyone else had handled things, there would've been a much better chance of disaster. He is the perfect man for this kind of job, because he's knowledgable, patient, calm, and communicative. He's willing to go the extra mile, because he genuinely cares about the wellbeing of the people who need his travel services. Through our many phone conversations, I definitely got a sense that not only was he an immensely competent travel agent, but also just a great human being. I cannot recommend Trevin or VisaHQ enough. (on Yelp)
Austin S. 08.24.2015
Heather G. reviewed VisaHQ
My fiance and I used VisaHQ to get Brazilian visas for our honeymoon. I followed the instructions on the website to fill out all of our forms. We opted to use the 2 day FedEx option, and it was easy to print the shipping label and mail our passports and documents off to VisaHQ.

They notified me very quickly to let me know that my fiance had forgotten to sign his passport (d'oh!) and that they were going to send his passport back to be signed. We live in DC, so I called the VisaHQ number and let them know that my fiance would prefer to sign it in person after work. They had it ready for him when he came by the next day.

After that, we got emails letting us know the status of our documents and when everything was approved and shipped back. It was an extraordinarily easy process and took maybe a week total.

The only con is that it was a bit expensive in my opinion. That said, it was worth it for the piece of mind of knowing everything was complete and confirmed. (on Yelp)
Heather G. 08.11.2015
 Eric Schulz reviewed VisaHQ
Received Russian visa from Visa HQ San Francisco office. Everything was very fast, the whole process done in 3 weeks. They contacted me when they received my documents, when they submitted to embassy and when the expected date it would be done would be, then again when the visa was approved and they were sending it back. Great communication, I would receive texts and emails at each stage, and they helped me with various questions beforehand. Very reliable and would recommend. (on Facebook)
Eric Schulz 07.05.2015
Jose S.  reviewed VisaHQ
I recently worked with VisaHQ to obtain a visitors visa to Canada and they were great. Due to my travel dates, we had to obtain my visa on short notice and Rose at VisaHQ was very helpful. I received my passport back in a little over a week!

I highly recommend VisaHQ and will definitely use them for any future travel. (on Yelp)
Jose S. 06.22.2015
Katrix S. reviewed VisaHQ
Excellent!!! I was a little nervous to use them without having had any prior experience with them in order to get my Chinese visa a couple weeks back, but I needn't have worried. They asked for the bare minimum as far as documents were concerned (other such services were asking for notarization on copies of documents, proof of financial stability etc. -- VisaHQ asked for none of that). My application was a little complicated by the fact that I'm an Indian citizen with a US green card. They have a very convenient dropdown menu on their visa page that allows you to select which country's citizen you are as well as where you live currently.

VisaHQ got me the visa within a little over a week of submitting my application--all that was needed was my passport, proof of US permanent residency, hotel and flight confirmation/receipts and the application form and photo. Their customer service was excellent too--I highly recommend the online "live" chat - takes them a little while to answer, but they do answer and clarify all questions via the chat feature. Even if you're not around when they get back to you via chat, the response also comes as an email, so you won't miss it. Overall, I thought the service was quick and efficient. Will be going back to them for a future visa. (on Yelp)
Katrix S. 06.07.2015
Girish M. reviewed VisaHQ
I worked with Malika Wilson for processing my Canada visa. I am very happy to have had her work on my application.
She was very prompt in responding(on call and email) and asking for clarifications from my end as soon as she received my application and documents. After clarification was provided she guided me through the 'rush application' process. Thanks to her guidance I was able to process my visa super quickly and I received my visa approval in 4days(the 'regular application' processing time as per the consulate website is 30-35days!).
Thank you did great!
I would also like to mention a thank u and appreciation for Alex, from the NY office, who helped answer my questions on call even before I created my application docket and sent it over to the NY office. A Big Thank You to Alex as well! (on Yelp)
Girish M. 05.22.2015
 Nina ZM reviewed VisaHQ
VisaHQ came highly recommended, and certainly did not disappoint. I hired them to help me with my visa to Kazakhstan, which was moderately complicated and required me shipping extra documents. Wonderful communication every step along the way, and all documents back in my possession in just over a week. Big thanks, and i will most certainly use VisaHQ again! (on Facebook)
Nina ZM 05.16.2015
 Freddy Kroese reviewed VisaHQ
We sent our passports for the Chinese tourist visa to the Houston office 3/30/15 and received the passports with visa back 4/7/15. Carlos Mendoza and Jazmin Williams answered all our questions and Narmin Azili kept our status updated. It is scary to sent all your official documents to a company you don't know but VisaHQ really earned our trust. The online tracking works great and we received regular emails whenever the status changed. Great job! (on Facebook)
Freddy Kroese 04.08.2015