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John Gautreau reviewed VisaHQ
I wish to express my gratitude for your handling of my Visa application to Belarus. I am very impressed with your services and I look forward to using you in the future. Your professional and efficient handling of my Belarus Visa request has made me brag about your company to friends, I hope to get you more business and use your services again, many thanks and kindest regards, sincerely John Gautreau M.Div. PS - I hope to ask my girlfriend to marry me so I really needed this Visa, you may be instrumental in my future marriage as well :)
John Gautreau 08.05.2013
Bhatia Viren reviewed VisaHQ
I needed a Russian visa for my wife and I. This was for a personal trip. It was going to be cost neutral (gas, tolls, parking, needing to twice for drop-off and pickup, meals, etc) for me to go personally to DC (from Delaware) or use a service like VisaHQ. I Google'd, talked to our corporate visa service provider, read reviews of the 3-4 providers I found via my search, compared prices, etc. I also called each of these providers to see how helpful & forthcoming they were prior to my committing to their service. I zeroed in on VisaHQ with only one (very bad) review I could find online versus many positive reviews. That one bad review had a lengthy story, with a professional response from VisaHQ giving their point of view and rebutting some of the information in the story from the reviewer. The reviewer just responded to the rebuttal with the same points in their original review without addressing VisaHQ's rebuttal points. I have been fortunate to travel a lot in my life and decided to go with my gut and set aside this one bad review.

What can I say - I am pleased & delighted with the service I got from VisaHQ at a fair price. At every step (there were delays due to the Russian Embassy having a huge backlog) I was able to pick up the phone or send an email and get prompt, and honest feedback with a level of confidence that I would get my Russian Visa not a week before my travel as I desired - but 2 days before my travel date. I never felt brushed aside or rushed if I called. I will use VisaHQ again and recommend them to my fellow travelers!
Bhatia Viren 08.05.2013
Sarah Franklin reviewed VisaHQ
I wanted to follow up on my experience with one of your online representatives, Lauren T. She was very helpful, prompt, friendly, and I had a great experience with her. I wanted to make sure that she was recognized for being a great customer services agent to me.

Overall, my experience with VisaHQ has been positive.

Sarah Franklin
Sarah Franklin 08.05.2013
Visobe Welch reviewed VisaHQ
Just to let you know I got my passport/visa back yesterday just in time for my trip today. Thank you for being so efficient.
Visobe Welch 08.05.2013
Andi F reviewed VisaHQ
In the beginning I was skeptical about using a service like this because I needed the passport within a matter of days. I had plenty of questions and they were answered within minutes via email or Customer Service. This website has it all and explains everything perfectly for someone like myself who is/was not familiar with passports. I love the tracking process, along with getting updates via email every step of the way for this passport to be completed. The day it was completed it was sent out and received less than 24 hrs later. I'm extremely happy with the process and professionalism. I will let everybody I know that ever needs a passport/visa to use this company for any business needs for a rush order. Thank you again and you literally made my life very easy and stress free. Rating of 1 - 10... I give you a 10+ !!!
Andi F 06.15.2013
Chad W reviewed VisaHQ
I came across your site and after reading some reviews decided to use as a last ditch effort. My passport package was mailed out on Monday and I got my passport by Thursday same week. What a life saver. The constant email updates on the status of my passport also lessened the stress that I was going through not having a passport and about to leave the country for 7 months. I am going to Europe and will be changing countries regularly and having a passport is a life saver. Thank you guys so much at
Chad W 04.18.2013
David L reviewed VisaHQ
I received my passport with the Congo visa in it today. I can't thank you
enough. I know what it is to try and do these things myself with all the
delays and unpredictability of it. So I compliment you for your fast and
efficient service and for keeping me informed on the progress along the
way. It was super helpful.
David L 04.10.2013
Andrew S reviewed VisaHQ
I appreciate immensely the effort and dedication of all VISAHQ staff in getting my Nigerian Visa VISAHQ is really one of the best on the market.
Andrew S 03.12.2013
Suzi T reviewed VisaHQ
I just wanted to commend VisaHQ on its service. Every time I have called or had inquiries (and I have had a lot), VisaHQ has been super helpful, informative and patient. Thank you, I will definitely recommend VisaHQ to my friends in the future.
Suzi T 02.14.2013
Debbie G. reviewed VisaHQ
As always, I so appreciate your thoroughness and communication. I totally trust your services.
Debbie G. 02.06.2013
Charlie F reviewed VisaHQ
I have never delt with more professional, efficient and courteous employees as you have on your staff. It is a true pleasure doing business with your company.
In this day of employee apathy, it must make you feel proud to have people of such high caliber on your staff. I will highly recommend your company to anyone who may need your services. I look forward to dealing with you and your company in the future.
Charlie F 02.02.2013
Carter R.  reviewed VisaHQ
Just wanted to say what an amazing site !! This was so very helpful !!
Carter R. 01.31.2013
Regina M. reviewed VisaHQ
THANK YOU for such FABULOUS service!
Getting a visa is a nerve-wracking thing for me, not to mention time-consuming.
But you have really impressed me with your always fast and courteous service.
I just got off the chat line with an employee named “Valerie C” and she was just wonderful!
I’ve used your services twice, and you can be sure that whenever I need to get a visa, I will most definitely be using you again.
Regina M. 01.23.2013
Jose Z.  reviewed VisaHQ
I want to note that I have used other services like yours in the past but yours is the best. You kept me aware of every step and I was very comfortable knowing where my passport was and status of process. GREAT SERVICE.
Jose Z. 01.14.2013