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As a business man, I travel a lot and so the need for visa comes into action and so does the paper work that goes with it and then the waiting time and not knowing where the passport is and when it would be back in your hands. Well, it is not so when you are dealing with the most professional staff of VisaHQ and their online email process, that will keep you informed the minute they get your passport until it has been mailing back to you. I applied for my Bangladesh Visa and sent my passport to Ottawa, Canada and I was more surprised then ever to see email and details of what my passport was doing and where it was almost everyday.

Thank you VisaHQ - Good Job!
Ravi V. 12.13.2011
VisaHQ is the only way to obtain a visa to a foreign country! Professional, efficient and expedient service each and every time I have needed (3 times so far this year) to obtain a visa while traveling. And, the on-line chat is great for asking a quick question.

All you have to do is fill out the application, print and sign, and mail it off with the list of required documents to them - they do the running, verifying and work. One less thing to worry about when traveling. Need a letter of invitation - they can also arrange that; more pages to your passport - they do that too!

They are my "go to" company for travel visas.
Susan F. 01.23.2011
My experience with VisaHQ was great. Helping me through the process of obtaining a visa on short notice, my associate, Marina, communicated quickly and clearly, making a potentially difficult process a breeze!

The charges are fair ($45 + shipping), and well worth the piece of mind that the process is being followed even don't have the time to do it myself.

As a frequent world traveler who has dealt with many visa applications on my own I can safely say now that I'll use VisaHQ as my first option from now on...
Brett M. 09.01.2011
I had to obtain a visa in order to travel. I didn't know where to start. I found this company online and gave them a call. They explained the entire process for me and said they could take care of it while I work on other things. Perfect. They got my visa quick and with no problems. I recommend them.
Anthony A. 08.19.2011
Excellent service, reasonable fees, and great communication. What more could you ask for. The best I have ever used!
Nancy I. 08.04.2011
VisaHQ made my life SO EASY! They were quick, professional, and were the only agency willing to answer my questions when I was filling out my visa application. I want to travel more just so I can use them again!
L. K. 07.26.2011
We booked a last-minute trip to Canada, only to realize that we needed a passport for our infant son to cross the border! With five days until takeoff, I furiously researched passport expediting services, and after seeing all the positive reviews for VisaHQ, I went with them. While it definitely wasn't cheap, I sent my paperwork on Monday afternoon and got my son's passport Thursday morning, with a full two days before takeoff to relax and de-stress.

The only issue I found with the whole process was at the post office, where you need to get the passport application stamped and signed. As is always the case with USPS employees, they don't know anything about anything. They swore blind that I was not allowed to use a courier, that my son's Hawaii birth certificate was invalid, and couldn't take a passport photo if their lives depended on it. Fortunately VisaHQ is aware of these severe shortcomings and provide specific pages referenced in the procedures manual that passport agents use, that proves you can, in fact, use services like these to get you passport quickly. With a great deal of arguing and assertiveness, the post office workers finally complied, and what do you know? It worked, and it was all legit!

Highly recommended
Stephen N. 06.16.2011
I wanted to thank the VisaHQ team for getting my passport as advertised in ONE DAY.... you guys rock, when you say it you mean it. You also advised me on changing the Fedex shipment in order to get the documents to your office in time. I am leaving Saturday....I sent the documents on Wednesday, got my passport Friday. What can I say....Thank you very much for a great customer service.
Mr. Daoui 05.13.2011
Passport back in my hands with a whole lot of visas in it. Pretty awesome service from visahq. Highly recommended.
Warwickp (Twitter) 04.19.2011
I have worked in customer service for most of my life and it is refreshing to have such a polite and attentive individual to deal with. I am extremely happy with Hashim's customer service and I assure you that you will keep my business and gain more business through my glowing referrals to your company. Once again Thank you!!!! Also, Hashim is not the only representative that I have dealt with that was polite each one has been patient and full of information. I have just happened to be in dire need of assistance while working with Hashim and he has helped me every step of the way and helped me to keep sane.
Ms. Silva 04.18.2011
Just had to thank you for your valuable service! I must confess I was very nervous to go this route~ internet renewal....I researched many companies and I AM SOOO GLAD I CHOSE YOURS! I rec'd my renewed passport ontime!
Mrs. K 04.11.2011
Honestly, you have been great. Very much appreciated since booking international travel can be very time-consuming and at times hard to follow. Will be using you all again and recommending you to our entire department. Your site is easy to follow as well!
Mrs. Galante 02.07.2011
I just want to let you know I appreciate your services. I don’t know who’s working at your company but you have been a great help in answering my questions and getting my Visa ready within a week. The bad reviews Ive read, I have no idea what happen to them, but I have recommended your service to all my friends. Thank You Very Much!
Mrs. Williams 01.26.2011
I have been using VisaHQ since 2007. When people I knew were waiting 10 to 12 weeks for passports from government offices. I was unable to wait that long unpredictible time. those people can't answer questions and have no clue about the status or location of your documents, nor do they seem to care. VisaHQ on the other hand advised me on what to do,how long it would take,and gave me play by play emails so i knew where my documents were at all times. I had a passport and a visa in 2 weeks and I wasn't wondering when it would show up. Two years and several visas later, I needed visas to two countrys, and i didn't have time before my departure. Again, I asked the experts. I ordered a second passport,and visa, on there recommendation, and left on my trip. With the play by play Emails,I monitored the progress. When my documents got sent to my home address by mistake, I noticed,called, and they had them re-routed to my location over seas. I recommend them to all my friends,for advice, and service.they have always been worth the money.
Mr. Wine 01.21.2011
I always have problems to travel because I need visa for many many countries... This time I needed a visa for Canada and there was no concrete information online. VisaHQ was extremely efficient, transparent and my passport was back in less than one week. Obviously you are supposed to follow their instructions exactly organizing the documents and letters so you don't have problems with the embassies and consulates. I was honestly very worried about trusting my documents and passport to a third party but it worked just perfectly! The visa is on my passport and all other documents sent as attachment were sent back.
Mrs. Mia 01.19.2011
I travel for my business all over the US, and when I discovered on my last trip that my passport was about to expire, I nearly had a heart attack. My sales manager had finally gotten that all-important client in Ireland to agree to a meeting only a few days away, and I needed everything updated immediately. I was able to send all my information via FEDEX and got my paperwork back within 2 days. Talk about efficient, I spoke with Hashim, who calmed me down and explained everything to me. He was friendly, professional, and a real boon to my business. Thanks guys!
Mr. Adolpho 01.16.2011
I needed a visa within a relatively short period of time but hoped for the best with VisaHQ. After sending my visa and forms they contacted me by email to tell me that given my departure date they didn't think it would be processed in time due to the associated embassy's reputation of slow processing. They wanted to know if I still wanted them to try but because I had no other option except to change my ticket I decided to let them go ahead a hope for the best. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I received an email the next day informing me that it had already been processed and was being sent back. I don't know how they managed to get such quick processing but the quality of their work and service more than paid for any fees!
Mr. Jake 01.06.2011
I needed a last-minute visa for a sort-of spur-of-the-moment trip to Nigeria. VisaHQ totally came through for me and satisfied my rushed requests.

Sure, like everyone else I was a bit nervous to send off my personal documents in the mail, but VisaHQ allowed me to print out a fedex label and send it overnight -- which gave me peace of mind. The embassy fees were rather high for expedited service, but there is nothing they can do about that! Their service fee (VisaHQ) was a deal considering the fact that I didn't have to loose (at the very least) an entire day's work and wait in endless lines like I've done so many times before.

The service was great. No complaints here, I will certainly be using this service again as it costs less than doing it yourself! It's a no brainer!
Mr. Daniel 01.03.2011