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I recently applied for a Sao Tome & Principe visa for myself and my girlfriend. STP currently does not provide consular services in NYC where I live, Wary of mailing my passport directly to the consulate (unnerving experience in the past with other consulates), and unwilling to travel to DC just for the visa application, I tried VisaHQ.

I have to say that the turnaround and service was excellent. I got e-mail notifications at every step of the process, and was able to reach without any problem, the VisaHQ staff dealing with our applications.

The icing on the cake was that even though the visas were supposed to take 3 business days, they were actually issued on the day of the application. Basically, I mailed out my passports Thursday, and had them back with the visas onn Tuesday.

I am wary of mailing my passport, but VisaHQ certainly earned my trust, and I would use them again without hesitation.
Mr. David 12.08.2010
Medhy at VisaHQ has just completed a difficult and unusual task of obtaining tourist visas for several West African countries to which I am traveling. The itinerary included Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo and Liberia. His competence and professionalism was evident in all our discussions and deliberations. I assume all the other visa procurement officers at VisaHQ are the same and I highly recommend the organization.
Mr. Montgomery 11.19.2010
I contacted VisaHQ in a panic because my daughter's passport was discovered to have expired less than two weeks from her return to school overseas. I was actually told about them by a post office passport intake employee so in spite of reservations, being desperate, I took the advice and a chance on them. I'm very happy I did, we sent in the documents just before the 5pm Fed-Ex pick up on Monday, got confirmation the package was received on Tuesday morning and her passport arrived before noon on Thursday. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and will recommend VisaHQ to friends and family. Thanks so much!
Mr. Smith 11.01.2010
I would like to thank you all at VisaHQ for your prompt service and your professionalism as it was a pleasure working with you in the quest for obtaining my visa.
Mr. Diomande 09.27.2010
If was my employee, I will give them a raise….(a big raise). This is my second review …and my target dates to get
my visas for Nigeria and Ghana was at least before July 15th 2010. But with my time line below:

Received by June 21st
Nigerian Visa (multiple Business): mailed June 22nd
Nigerian Visa (multiple Business): received June 24th
Ghana Visa (Single Tourist): mailed June 28th
Ghana Visa (Single Tourist): mailed June 30th
US passport with complete Visas: received July 1st

Bill from HQ: $ Priceless. (Honestly) … I saved $50. Considering I would have driven to DC twice and spent on Gas, toll…..2
hours on the road….. queues and confusion @ the embassy…. So I recommend you and will definitely use you guys again.
Mr. Elliott 07.01.2010
Andrew and all the VisaHQ team,
I don’t know what kind of connections you got; but you guys are professionals and good. VisaHQ should be a WORD that means; “Get the job done on time.” I have been to Africa many times, and usually apply for my visa without any middle man. I always run into the problem of embassies telling me I can apply within the 90days window before my trip. Usually I apply 2 weeks in advance which can be inconveniencing and stressful. This week, you have proved them wrong. I got my Nigerian visa today (June 24th) after submitting my application on the (June 21st) to Visa HQ. If were a third political party, I will take them for their word. “THEY GET THE JOB YOU WANT DONE”

Mr. Elliott 06.25.2010
Thank you so much for the miracle work you did to get us our Sierra Leone & Guinea visas in only 5 days – only 5 days from the time you received our applications to the day we received the visas at our office in San Francisco! We are amazed and eternally grateful. We’d had other visa expediting companies tell us flat out that it couldn’t be done.

I really appreciate everyone at VisaHQ’s hard work and diligence. I was concerned that the time pressure might result in a mistake or an oversight of some sort that would cause a delay, but clearly everyone working on our visas was incredibly attentive and committed to making sure everything went smoothly every step of the way.

Your customer service is superb! Your automated emails on the status of the applications kept me reassured things were on track. Medhy was particularly patient and responsive via email and phone to all my questions and concerns. And Paul, who answered my panicked call after 5:30 pm on a Friday night, was incredibly helpful and professional.

We will definitely be using your service again.
Mrs. Rossing 05.17.2010
Thank you for your very prompt and professional services on getting the China visa on time. I am very impressed, and will recommend your services highly to colleagues and friends. Keeping the client informed of the status has been particularly helpful.
Mr. Rouphail 04.10.2010
We used your service for visas to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan -- not the most cooperative countries -- and I was delighted with the promptness of your service and especially with your continuing communication with us, so we knew exactly where we were in the process at all times. Thank you
Mr. and Mrs. Israel 04.06.2010
I greatly appreciate your services and after having used Visa HQ three times I have great confidence in your ability to deliver what you promise. My passport needing extra pages came back to me in one week (5 working days). Your tracking system is also excellent.
Mr. Kumar 03.19.2010
Thanks, I have received my passport with the China Visa. Who ever founded VisaHQ have done a great job in the business model and assembling a good team. I was informed at every stage and you took away the anxiety until you get back the passport and Visa. I have already started recommending to my friends and colleagues to use the services of VisaHQ, whenever they need a Visa or passport services. Thank you again for your impeccable service.
Mr. Agarwal 03.12.2010
I wanted to express my sincere appreciation of your outstanding professional service. I was further very pleased in how your organization kept me abreast in every step of the process, there was no surprises and no wondering when, where and what was going on with my visa request. Please rest assured, that not only shall I return as future client, I will surely
recommend your service to others.. Thanks again...
Mr. O'Berry 03.09.2010
I received my passport with the visa yesterday. Thank you for your good service, especially keeping me informed of the status during the recent snow storms in DC. I would definitely use your service agian and would recommend it as well.
Mrs. Pliskin 02.16.2010
Thank you very much for your great service. What a wonderful, speedy and efficient way to get visas. Thanks for making this part of our trip simple and trouble-free. Best wishes.
Mrs. Toews 01.26.2010
I would just like to express my gratitude for the excellent service I have received from your company. When I applied for three visas which I needed in a hurry, I got regular e-mails from Medhy, and everything was handled very professionally and right on time. In today’s world we usually find the time to complain when service is bad, but seldom make the time to offer compliments when service is good.
Yours gratefully,
Mr. Lester 01.13.2010
YOU GUYS ROCK! I got my passport today, and am ready to leave tomorrow! Thank you SO MUCH for the outstanding work.
Mrs. Patheal 01.12.2010