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I would like like to take a moment to show my gratitude towards VISAHQ services, especially ANDREW who was great in handling my VISA for my vacation to the Bahamas. Given the tight deadline, Andrew was extraordinary in delivering my documents on time for my trip. I really hope to use your services for my future visas.
Mr. Lattupelli 12.16.2009
Paul thanks again for all your assistance. Received my renewed passport on Saturday for travel to Thailand on Sunday-thank you! This would have been impossible without you guys! The trip was great and would not have happened without your outstanding service.
Mr. Vigliotti 12.11.2009
I want to take a moment to pass on kudos to Josee for her exemplary customer service. I have been a bit of a head case as I was asked to come up with an India visa in a very tight timeframe. VisaHQ so far has come through exactly as promised (my visa is heading back to Calgary for tomorrow morning), and I have been in regular contact with your company to ensure my visa is delivered on time. Josee has been extremely patient with me even though I’ve been a total pain in the butt; in our many phone calls she was happy to discuss options and the “worst case scenario”. She even offered to call the Consulate on my behalf to ensure my visa was processed in time. Because of Josee, I will be recommending VisaHQ to my company for future visa requests.
Mrs. Ring 12.02.2009
Dear Visahq folks,
MY PASSPORT ARRIVED FRIDAY!!! All visas looked to be in order. I could not be more pleased with your service. I will definitely use it again. What I REALLY appreciated was the communications, some e-mail, some by phone. You obviously realize the anxiety levels of your customers rises exponentially as the date of departure gets closer and closer.
Mr. Little 11.07.2009
Received my renewed passport today for travel to the UK on Sunday-thank you! Your service was outstanding and worth every penny. I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend you to someone else. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime.
Mrs. Murphy 09.04.2009
Just had my first experience with your service. Had 2 Brazil Visas turn around within 2 weeks and 1 Brazil Visa turn around within 1 week! I've dealt with Brazil Visas before and never had this kind of turnaround. Very impressed and now stress free from the waiting worry... thank you!
Mrs. Rizza 08.24.2009
I just again wanted to extend my thanks. In the crazy computerized world in which we live, your organization has been very professional, easy to work with, and very computer friendly. It is nice for something to a simple process with is rare these days. Kudos to VisaHQ.
Mr. Plemmons 08.18.2009
I just wanted to say THANK YOU to VisaHQ and their staff. I did not realize how much time it took to process a visa request for my upcoming trip to Brazil to see my husband. I panicked when I was told it took about 20 days to process the paperwork. I searched the internet and found VisaHQ, applied online, mailed my supporting documents, and received my travel visa back before it was promised. I will refer every one I know that is traveling abroad to use your services.THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SUCH GREAT SERVICE!!!!
Mrs. Santos 08.05.2009
Thanks for providing prompt and reliable service in obtaining my visas to Russia and Belarus. Phone support was great as well. I will be turning to VisaHQ anytime I need visa help and I will recommend VisaHQ to my friends as well.
Mr. Kurman 07.18.2009
Thank you for assisting me during crunch time! Having very short notice, I needed to get down to Mexico for a construction job. I was very weary of all the different websites offering their passport services but was fortunate enough to find your site. Your company offered the quickest turn around time for the least amount of money! Mostly, I appreciate that your company realized the urgency of my situation and got my new passport to me in less time than I expected or was promised. I'm still shocked that I received my passport in only 2 days!!! Thank you VisaHQ! Because of your company, I was able to get to Mexico and fulfill my obligations! I will recommend your services to everyone I know!
Mr. King 07.14.2009
I spoke with two of your online reps the past two days. They were both very curtious and prompt with answers for me! I was nervous about using your system but I would gladly recommend your service to anyone! Everything online was very organized and easy to find and the online help was very efficient: the names of the people who helped me were Yulia and David.
Mrs. Sittig 07.09.2009
Thank you - just received back my completed documents - you guys are fantastic ....even with the holiday in there! Really appreciate how easy you were to work with, professional and on top of things, as well. Great personal service and interaction - it was a pleasure doing business with you. I will definitely recommend to others in my organization and use you again whenever I need a visa. Appreciate your living up to what you said you'd do and exceeding my expectations.
Mr. Holland 07.07.2009
Just want to thank you for your help... I want to recognize and appreciate Mr. Carlos Mendoza's hard work. He kept me updated through out the process and returned my calls when I bugged =). It is obvious that the clients satisfaction is Mr. Mendoza's priority.Thank you for having helpful people like him as an employee.
Mrs. Flores 07.06.2009
Mrs. Johnson reviewed VisaHQ
Good Day,
We just received our passports and want to thank you for a job well done! This is the first time we have used your service and we are impressed with your efficiency, speed and especially the communication that kept us informed throughout the process. Thank you!
Mrs. Johnson 06.10.2009
Mr. Hales reviewed VisaHQ
I recently submitted my group passports to VisaHQ for processing to Uganda and Kenya for our upcoming mission/convocation trip to East Africa. I immediately received information back from VisaHQ of the problems with the passports having no more Visa pages. I went online to correct the problem and to submit the new applications for adding Visa pages and then left my office to go on vacation before my overseas travel started. Somehow, I omitted sending VisaHQ all of the required information. Carlos called me the very next morning to inform me that he had received the documents and to let me know that more was needed. I explained to him that I was away from my office and on vacation and I asked him if he could help me during the phone call. In an outstanding and eager way with high professionalism, he proceeded to assist me which allowed the processing to be completed in just a few minutes. His customer support was outstanding and I am very satisfied with the service he and VisaHQ provided.
Mr. Hales 06.01.2009
Mr. Hansen reviewed VisaHQ
To whom it may concern,

I have had a good experience with the last few days. We did not notice our passports had expired until a few days ago and we are scheduled to leave for the UK the day after tomorrow. I have been invited to make a key address at a conference in England. My wife will accompany me and I have been looking forward to the trip for months. Getting a passport in a few days seemed to be an almost impossible task. We were fortunate to be able to work with Carlos at He has made personal calls a number of times to me to let me know how things were progressing and once he filled out a form for us, because I had gotten the wrong form off the internet. His following up with us was very helpful to settle my nerves as there are so many things I have to do to get ready, renewing a passport at the last minute was a lot of stress, but he pushed it through. I have never met Carlos in person, but the way he handled things provided much relief for me and I thank him.
Mr. Hansen 04.08.2009
Mr. Joseph reviewed VisaHQ
Getting a visa to Russia can be be a very confusing task. And finding a company you can trust to get it done for you can be a little scary. VisaHQ was fantastic to work with. They communicated with me every step of the way and made the process painless and effortless. I highly recommend VisaHQ. Thank you so much!
Mr. Joseph 02.18.2009
Mrs. Bell reviewed VisaHQ
I merely wish to repeat that your business procedures are miles beyond any of your competitors. As a very frequent traveler to remote parts of the world I have had many sad experiences with many of them. Based on some real sad past experiences I fully expected to have the passport held hostage until I paid "X" amount for some phony charge that had been overlooked. So....all is well and my passport is alive and well on the desk beside me. Thank you so much! You certainly shall be processing my visas again in the near future, as well as those of many friends, who were delighted to hear about you.
Mrs. Bell 02.10.2009
Mr. Fosman reviewed VisaHQ
I needed a passport in a hurry and found your website on the internet. The price was very good and I dealt with Carlos, who went out of his way to make sure I had my passport delivered to me by February 4. In this day and age, it is very gratifying to find employees who will go that extra mile to help customers. Thank you again and I will recommend your company to all my friends.
Mr. Fosman 02.04.2009
Mr. Okuly reviewed VisaHQ
Thank you so much, I received my package today and a sigh of relief came over me. I cant tell you how thankful I am, I am going to recommend your website to anyone and everyone I know who is looking for a visa. Thanks again!
Mr. Okuly 01.23.2009