ETIAS Portugal

Portugal is a favorite tourist location in Europe because of its pleasant weather, but by November 2023, visitors coming to Portugal from visa free countries will need ETIAS Portugal to enter the country. If you are from any of the visa-exempt countries, you can still enjoy your holidays in Portugal without the need to visit the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your home country, but this security authorization will be mandatory once it goes into effect.

Are you planning to visit Portugal by the end of this year? Take your time to read this post to get information about the new ETIAS policy about to come into force.

Portugal In The Schengen Area

Portugal is a Southwestern European country known for its lovely beaches and nice cities. The country has an extended coastline and borders Spain to the East. The Capital, Lisbon, is a favorite for many tourists from other countries, and so is Porto. However, the most popular tourist destination of all is the Algarve which is a small land strip on the Southern coastline. The Algarve beaches are amazing, with white sand and pristine clear waters. The climate is also warm for most of the year, making it a perfect location for visitors coming from the cold regions of the Northern hemisphere.

Another popular location is Madeira which is known for its beautiful scenery, mesmerizing landscape, and amazing weather. If you wish to visit Portugal and you are from a visa-free country, you can still do so, but you will need to adjust to the new policy of the European Union coming into effect in November 2023.

Being a fellow Schengen country, Portugal operates a similar immigration policy to the other 26 Schengen nations in the Zone.

ETIAS Portugal

ETIAS is a security system created by the European Commission and is set to come into operation by November 2023. The program or System is designed to strengthen the security architecture of visitors coming to the Schengen area from any of the visa-free countries. Approved in 2016, the System has taken more than six years to develop. Due to the series of terrorist attacks on the continent, European countries have expanded their security network and implemented a special data-sharing program using the ETIAS.

Once it becomes active, any applicant looking to visit the Schengen Zone must provide their personal information, which will be screened across different security databases, and only those who pass the security checks will be allowed into Portugal or any of the Schengen Area.

How Will It Work?

Eligible applicants must submit their basic information, like their personal details and passport information, to the electronic System and get approval before they embark on their trip to Portugal. This authorization is only for visitors who meet the following criteria

  1. They must be citizens of visa-free countries

  2. They must stay for not more than 90 days

This means that you may need to apply for a Schengen visa if you plan to stay for more than 90 days, even though you are from a visa-free country.

Once ETIAS is issued, it will be valid for three years, and you can use it to enter Portugal or any of the Schengen countries for short trips of not more than 90 days. This Multiple entry permit saves you the stress of applying afresh each time you wish to visit the Zone.  

Although the authorization is granted within a few minutes, situations may arise where an application may take a longer time to be approved. This may happen if their application triggers any of the security databases. If that happens, the information will be passed onto the Portuguese unit of the ETIAS for review, which may take a week or more.  

NOTE: That your application is rejected doesn’t rule you out from applying for another ETIAS in the future.

How To Apply For ETIAS Online

You will be able to apply for ETIAS online once it becomes an active visa VisaHQ.

  • Log onto VisaHQ 

  • Select Portugal as your destination

  • Select your country of citizenship

  • Choose ETIAS

  • Complete the application form

  • Pay the application fee

  • Submit for processing

Information Required

You will be asked to provide the following information

  • Full name – Date of birth – Passport information – Education and Work Experience – If you have visited a war-torn country before – If you have been deported from a Schengen country before – Criminal record, if any

Note that only valid passports with at least three months of validity and two blank pages will be accepted.

ETIAS Application Fee

There is a €7 token application fee for applicants, but this fee is waived for those under 18s applying for ETIAS Portugal. 

Now that you have all the information you need visit VisaHQ to apply for your ETIAS Portugal permit.

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