Portugal visa for Nepalese

Citizens of Nepal require a visa to travel to Portugal and can apply for one online simply by visiting VisaHQ. The visa requirements are not extensive and the application process is pretty simple, as long as your reasons for visiting the country are valid, the government of Portugal will welcome you to the country with open arms.

Nepalese citizens can visit Portugal for multiple reasons. Below, we review the Portugal tourist visa requirements process.

Traveling To Portugal From Nepal

Portugal is a European country located in Western Europe. 

The country is a member of the European Union and also a fellow Schengen member state. This is why it shares similar visa and immigration policies with other EU nations. Portugal is classed as a high-income country with an advanced economy boosted by its tourism, service, and sports sector. Every year, millions of foreign nationals from different corners of the globe visit Portugal to enjoy the amazing sights and sounds on offer. 

One favorite location for tourists is the Azores, a conglomeration of islands with lovely beaches and pristine waters. There is so much to do and see in Portugal if you plan to visit as a tourist. The economy also offers attractive investment opportunities to visitors who may wish to invest in any sector, but you need to obtain a Portugal Schengen visa first.

Do Nepalese Need A Visa To Travel To Portugal?

Yes, Nepal citizens need a visa for Portugal as Nepal is not an EU member state or a part of the Schengen union; only EU citizens and citizens from selected countries can enter Portugal without a visa. The Portuguese tourist visa is what permits the holder to enter the country to undertake any type of legal activity. 

Visas may be either single or multiple entry visas: you can only use the former once, while the latter can be used multiple times to enter the country.

The government of Portugal has also removed travel restrictions previously imposed by the pandemic of 2020. This means that international travelers can now visit the country as long as they have COVID vaccination certificates or negative COVID-19 PCR test results to prove their health status.

Types of Portugal Visa For Nepalese

Tourist Visa: This is by far the most popular visa foreigners apply for. The visa allows the holder to visit the country for vacation, and they can travel to any of the tourist hotspots or historical landmarks in the country. A tourist visa may either be single or multiple entry.

Business Visa: This visa is strictly for business purposes. Holders can use it to attend meetings, conferences, events, etc.

Medical Treatment Visa: Nepalese seeking medical care in any Portuguese hospital may visit with a medical visa. The visa is valid for as long as the medical care lasts.

Student Visa: A study visa is for international students who have gained admission into any Portuguese institution of learning. This is a long-stay visa that can only be obtained at the embassy in Kathmandu.

Work Visa: Work visas are for those who have secured employment with a company or organization based in Portugal. Work visas qualify holders for work and resident permits.

How To Apply For A Portugal Visa From Nepal

You can apply for a visa by visiting the Portuguese embassy in Kathmandu or apply for one online through VisaHQ. Embassy applications are meant for long-stay visas like work and study visas, which take about 15 working days to process. However, short-stay visas like tourist visas don’t require trips to the embassy. You may apply for it online using your smartphone or computer. 

To apply for a short-stay visa online, do the following:

  • Log onto VisaHQ. Choose Portugal as your destination

  • Select Nepal as your destination

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Complete the visa application form

  • Upload all required documents

  • Pay the visa application form fee

  • Submit for processing

If your application is approved, you should get your visa sent to your email after 3-5 days.

Portugal Visa Requirements For Nepalese citizens

Here are the visa requirements: 

Valid Passport: A valid passport issued not later than 10 years prior. A passport must have at least 3 months of validity left after the visa expiration date. It must also have at least 2 blank pages for visa stamps.

Photograph: Two passport-sized photographs for showing the applicant’s face clearly.

Proof of funds: Applicant must submit a statement of account showing the sufficient balance to meet minimum daily expenses of €45 per day throughout their stay in Portugal.

Medical Insurance: Medical travel insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000 to cover any medical cost incurred.

Cover Letter: A letter stating the purpose of the trip

Return Ticket: Reservation for a return ticket back to Nepal

These and more are the documents you need to submit to apply for a Portugal visa for Nepalese. 

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