How long does Portugal schengen visa take

How long does Portugal Schengen visa take? If you were to submit your application today for a Portugal visa, how long do you have to wait for it? Knowing the exact approval timeline can be quite tricky because Portuguese embassies all over the world operate differently. While some embassies take less time, others take more. Your application should take 15 calendar days from the day you apply, as this is the standard processing time for Schengen visas.

However, it will be wise to make room for delays by applying as early as possible so you are not caught up in a situation where you will be forced to cancel your travel plans entirely or change your timetable. Below we review some of the reasons why your visa application may take a longer time to process.

Additional Documents: If the embassy requires additional documents apart from the ones you’ve already submitted, they will reach out to you through your contact information to request them. During this time, your application will be placed on hold until you provide the documents. This can take a few days to a week or more.

The Season: During certain times of the year, particularly when the season will be conducive for touring, visa applications tend to spike, placing the embassy under pressure. If you submit your application during this period, be prepared to wait a while, but hopefully, it won’t be too much.

Internal Procedures: Some embassies do a better job processing applications than others, even though they all represent the same country (Portugal). This may be manpower, security infrastructure, or the vetting process.

Your Nationality: If the country is related to a high-risk country, applications will be subjected to significant scrutiny as the authorities would want to know your identity, what you do for a living, and whether you will risk your country.

Visa Application Centers: Some Portuguese embassies do not accept visa applications from applicants through visa centers they partner with. If that is the process in your country, you should know that processing will not start after you submit your documents to the agent or center but only after it is submitted to the embassy. Passing through application centers will delay the process by a few more days.  

Portugal In The Schengen Zone

Portugal officially became a Schengen country in 1995 after signing the Schengen Agreement. The country is a NATO and European Union member and shares the same visa policy with other member nations. By abolishing its borders, visitors can travel to and from Portugal to other countries in the Schengen zone. The country has a stable economy, and citizens enjoy a high living standard. Boasting a population of 10.2 million, Portugal has a land size of 92,212 km2. Depending on their nationality, people coming to Portugal who are not EU citizens may or may not require a Schengen visa.

Those from nonvisa-exempt countries must present a visa at the Airport or border crossing before they can be allowed into the country, while citizens from nonvisa-exempt countries don’t require a Schengen visa for short visits; what they need is ETIAS.

What Is ETIAS?

Etias is not a visa but a waiver for persons from visa exempt countries. This document is available online and allows eligible visitors to freely enter Portugal or the Schengen zone and stay for up to 90 days. What differentiates it from the Schengen visa is that the embassy does not issue it since it is available online, and only citizens from visa-free countries can apply.

Where Can I Get A Schengen Visa?

You can get a Schengen visa from the Portuguese embassy in your country. This visa must be in your possession before arriving at the Airport since it is not issued on arrival. Some nationalities may apply for it online, but only a few have such privileges.

How To Apply For A Schengen Visa?

Here are the steps to take to apply for this visa.

Identify The Visa You Want: There are different types of Schengen visas, such as transit, tourist, business, medical care, and official visas, to mention a few. You need to be sure of the one you want before you apply.

Fill Out The Application Form: You must fill out the application form with your data. This form is available online or at the embassy. Avoid making errors when filling out the form.

Book An Appointment: You must book an appointment with the embassy using any available channel. 

Once you get a date, plan for the interview.

Prepare Your Documents: Make sure you arrange all the necessary documents. The documents should be attached to your application form, and make sure they are all valid.

Attend The Visa Interview: Arrive at the embassy before your interview and ensure you answer all the questions you will be asked clearly. The visa officer will also collect and crosscheck your documents before passing them to the processing department.

How long does Portugal Schengen visa take? It may take 15 calendar days or more before it is ready.

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