Does Portugal give long schengen visa

Does Portugal give long Schengen visa to visitors? Yes, but only those who meet the eligibility conditions. The average visa validity for Schengen visas is 180 days, but there are exceptions that may last for 1-5 years. These visas are only issued at the discretion of the Portugal visa officer at the embassy after considering the needs of the applicant and their application.

Schengen Visa Validity And Maximum Duration of Stay

Most visitors coming to Europe with a Portuguese Schengen visa can only stay for 90 days, and their visas expire 180 days after they are issued. The short stay visa is called a Type C Schengen visa to Portugal, valid for 90 days, while the long stay visa has a longer validity ranging from 6 months to 5 years. If you plan to apply for a visa at the Portuguese embassy, you want to read this post till the end to get all the facts to help your course.


Does Portugal Give Long Schengen Visa?

Portugal gives long Schengen visas, and in this section, we want to review the types of visas issued to visitors.

Type C Visa

The Type, C Schengen visa is called a short-stay visa which is valid for just 90 days. Once the visa is issued, validity starts counting, and the holder must not stay in Portugal for more than the maximum days allowed. The visa is issued to visitors for the purpose of family visits, internships, educational events, tourism, internship, and any other short-term engagement. This visa can also be issued as a single, double, or multiple-entry visa.

The single entry visa can only be limited to a single trip, so once you enter Portugal with it, you cannot use it again. The double entry visa can be sued twice, while the multiple entry visa, also called a circulation visa, can be used several times.

While the single Those C visa has its validity pegged at 90 days, the double and multiple entry visa ranges from 6 months – 5 years. The validity is indicated on the traveler’s passport, so they are not in doubt as to when their visa will expire.

Type D Visa

The long-stay Type D visa is valid for 4-12 months, depending on the traveler’s eligibility. There is no 90-day limit on this visa, and there are different types. We have the long-stay residency permit for employees, students, workers on a permanent contract, spouses of citizens, and those on a talent passport.

Another type is the long-stay visa, with the obligation to apply for a residency permit at least two months after arrival. This visa allows the holder to enter Portugal so they can process their residency at the office of the Ministry of the Interior. How long this visa last will depend on the duration of the residency.

Other Types Of Long Portugal Schengen Visa

Other types of long Schengen visas issued by Portuguese embassies are as follows.

Working Holiday Visa: The long-term working Holiday Visa is valid for one year and is issued to foreigners coming from countries where the authorities have signed a bilateral accord. This visa allows them to your and works in Portugal at the same time.

Temporary Long Stay Visa: Another one is the temporary long stay visa, valid for 4-6 months and issued to persons who wish to enroll for short academic programs but have the financial capacity to live in their account and not paid work.

Kindly note that other long-stay visas are issued to visitors based on nationality. To ensure you qualify, you should consider visiting the embassy in your country or contacting a visa agent to make further inquiries.

What Will Happen If You Overstay Your Visa?

If you overstay your visa, the authorities will sanction you, which may prevent you from getting future visas. Sanctions may range from payment of fines to deportation to bans or a mix of both or all three. Bear in mind that the visa starts counting the moment the embassy in your country issues it, and your visit time is activated once you land in Portugal or any other Schengen country.

So bear this in mind and don’t confuse the two. Also, make sure you leave on or before the 90th day of your visit.

Is Schengen Visa Extendable?

This is possible but based on certain conditions and at the discretion of the officer at the Interior Ministry. Once you arrive in Portugal, you must decide on time whether you will need an extension or not. If you do, visit the office of the interior Ministry in the city where you are and apply for an extension. You will be asked to explain why you want to extend your stay and if the officer is convinced your visa will be extended.

Does Portugal give long Schengen visa? Yes, but only to those who meet the requirements.

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