Is schengen visa valid for Portugal

Is Schengen visa valid for Portugal as a foreigner coming for holidays, business, or to visit family and friends? Over the last few years, the number of applications for Schengen visas has skyrocketed, and if you are one of such applicants, you may want to know whether you can use the visa to enter Portugal. We answer this question below and also throw more light on the Schengen visa program for non-EU citizens.

Is Schengen Visa Valid For Portugal?

First, you should know that the Schengen visa is valid for Portugal and for good reasons. Portugal is a Schengen country after signing the Schengen Agreement, which made it an official member. This allows it to not only issue Schengen visas but also accept visas issued by other Schengen countries. Contrary to the opinion held by many people that the visa is only valid if issued by the Portuguese embassy, this is farther from the truth. 

A Schengen Portugal tourist visa is quite different from a national visa. While national visas are only valid within the borders of the issuing country, Schengen visas are valid across all countries that are signatories to the Schengen Charter. That is why persons who hold this visa issued by the Portuguese embassy are allowed to freely enter and exit all 27 countries in the region. Moreover, additional non Schengen countries like Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria also recognize and accept the visa from visitors.

How Many Days Can I Stay In Portugal With Schengen Visa?

This visa allows you to stay in Portugal for up to 90 days. If you decide to visit other countries in the zone, you are free to do so, as they will also allow you into their territories if your visa has not expired yet. Schengen visas are multinational visas that allow you entry into most European countries, with the exception of the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom after they depart from Brexit. But respecting the 90/180 rule during your visit is necessary.

What is the 90/180 rule?

This rule is a travel regulation that doesn’t allow visitors from abroad to stay in Portugal or any Schengen country for more than 90 days in a six months period. Despite having a multiple entry visa, you cannot stay in the zone for 91 days or more in 180 days. This rule was implemented to regulate migration and prevent temporary visitors from making their trips permanent. The 90/180 rule has to be respected by all visitors, so they are advised to set reminders on their phones or keep a diary to remind them of the dates.  

You must also know that this rule covers all visits, whether you wish to visit only one or more countries. The time starts counting the moment the immigration officers stamp your passport in the first country you visit.

Do I Require This Visa?

You may or may not, depending on your nationality. Visitors are classed based on their nationality. You don’t need this visa if you are from a country already listed on the visa exempt list. This list is updated every year, and there are about 63 countries on the list currently. However, if your country is not on the list, you will need a visa to enter Portugal. So before you start making travel plans, check if your country is quoted on the visa free list.

If you are a visa free visitor, what you need is the ETIAS visa waiver which also allows travelers to enter the Schengen zone for 90 days. Examples of countries on the visa free list include the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. While India, Nigeria, South Africa, and China are not on the list.

What Documents Do You Need To Apply For Schengen Visa?

Persons applying for a Schengen visa will need the following

  • A valid passport that will not expire three months after their departure

  • Schengen visa application form

  • Two recent photographs were taken not later than 6 months prior

  • Round trip flight ticket reservation

  • Travel health insurance with €30,000 minimum coverage

  • Copy of passport bio page

  • A cover letter explaining why they want to visit

  • An invitation letter if they are invited by persons or entities

  • Proof of application fee payment, like the receipt

  • Hotel reservation or address of family or friend where they will stay

Applicants should note that these are just basic documents, so additional documents may be required depending on the type of Schengen visa they apply for. Only original documents will be accepted.

Is Schengen visa valid for Portugal?  Yes, it is, and it’s the best travel document for travelers looking to visit several EU countries apart from Portugal. You can submit the application to the embassy in your country, and it will be processed and released to you in due course.

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