On arrival visa for Oman

Have you heard of the on arrival visa for Oman? Do you know what the visa is for? If not, you are in luck, as this page discusses the visa on arrival in detail. You will find all the information you need regarding this visa.

The Oman Sultanate

Oman is the oldest independent state in the Gulf region and has a long and illustrious history. Ever since oil and gas were commercialized in the country, the economy has experienced a remarkable turnaround. What was once a desert in the Gulf region transformed into an oasis of opulence. Massive infrastructural development occurred, and the citizens witnessed a significant rise in their living standards.

In a bid to expand revenue inflows and diversify the economy, the royal family turned to technology and tourism. Ever since, the country has opened its borders and airports to travelers from specific countries using the tourist visa-on-arrival policy. The government has diversified the economy away from oil and gas by attracting investment and talent from target countries.

Who Needs An Oak Visa?

The Oman visa is meant for non-GCC citizens. Unless you are from a Gulf Cooperation Council country, you need a visa to enter Oman. If you are a GCC resident, you need a visa to enter Oman for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

On Arrival Visa For Oman

Also called a visa on arrival, this special visa program is designed for eligible visitors who are citizens from selected countries. Currently, there are 73 countries on the visa on arrival list whose citizens can get a visa at the airport. What makes this visa special?

For starters, most visitors coming to Oman must have secured visas before boarding a flight, but not those who are eligible for this visa. If you are from a visa on arrival country, you can travel to Oman with only a valid passport and other required documents. 

Once you arrive the Muscat international airport, you will be ushered to a kiosk, where you will be given an application form to fill. After filling it out, the officer on duty will request the form, your Passport, and the application fee, which you can pay in cash or with your bank card.

Furthermore, the Police authorities will ask you why you came to Oman, the activities you have lined up, where you will stay, and when you plan to return to your country.

If you meet all these requirements, you will be issued the single entry visa, and your Passport will be stamped and allowed into the country.

Visa On Arrival Requirements

Applicants must submit the following

Passport: A valid passport that will not expire in the next six months. The Passport must have at least two blank pages, and they will need copies of the first and the last page, including your personal data. If you have been issued previous visas, kindly include them as well.

Form: A completed visa application form signed by you. All sections must be filled out with accurate information.

Photos: Two recent Passport sized photographs printed on a white background and showing your face without glasses or any distortion.

Ticket: A two way flight ticket reservation to and from Oman.

Financial statement: A Stamped bank statement showing a minimum balance as proof of your capacity to foot your expenses throughout your stay.

Oman Visa Eligibility

An Omani Visa on arrival is only issued to visitors who meet the following eligibility conditions.

  • They plan to stay for only 14 days with no need to extend the visa

  • Evidence of hotel booking for their stay

  • Health Insurance to cover any medical emergency

  • Return tickets

  • They must be of good character without a criminal record (this is required for visitors from selected countries)

On Arrival Visa For Oman Validity

This visa is valid for only 14 days, meaning whoever is entering Plan with this visa cannot stay for more than two weeks. Also, the visa is not refundable, so if you plan to stay longer, we recommend the 30-day visa or any other long term visa on offer. There is a special work visa for workers, while international students can apply for a study visa. Note that Oman maintains a very strict immigration policy, so ensure that you don’t overstay your welcome.

How To Apply For An On Arrival Visa

Before leaving your country, make sure you tuck your Passport and other documents highlighted in this article into your traveling bag. When you land in Oman, the officials will direct you to the immigration kiosk and give you the visa application form. 

Please fill it out correctly and tick the visa in the arrival box before submitting it to the officer on duty. Note that you will also be asked to submit your passport and application fee. The process takes only a few minutes, and you will be welcomed to Oman.

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