Do you need a visa for Oman

Do you need a visa for Oman as a foreign national traveling to the country? This is a question many are likely going to ask before they hop on a flight headed for the Gulf country, but the answer is not as straightforward as one would suspect. 

Whether you need tourist visas for Oman depends on several factors, which we address in this article.


Oman is one of the countries that makes up the collection of Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and it is an ancient kingdom surrounded by desert dunes. The country is ruled by its emir and is the oldest independent state in the Gulf region. Oman has historic forts, archeological sites, and hiking trails that have been traversed by traders several millennials ago. The country's dive sites are visitors' favorites, and so are the traditional markets where different items are sold.  

The towns and cities are small compared to what you will find in bigger countries. Overall, Oman is more like a small village than it is a country. The beaches are some of the cleanest you will ever find, and the Hajar Mountains provide adventurers with hiking trails. The country is ruled by a Sultan who belongs to a family that has ruled the land for hundreds of years.

Oman is a high-income country, and the citizenry enjoys a stable living standard much higher than their counterparts in many Western countries.

The oil and gas industry has fueled economic growth, but in recent times, other industries have been strengthened, such as finance and hospitality. Oman is open to international visitors, but there are some red tapes you must navigate to enter the country.

Do You Need A Visa For Oman?

Where you need a visa for Oman depends on your nationality, and if you are from a visa free country, you don't need a visa for Oman. Currently, there are 103 countries whose citizens don't need to obtain visas before embarking on a trip to a desert country. 

Most of them are EU and EEA countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

If you come from any of these countries, you don't need visas to visit Oman and can stay for up to 14 days. 

If you plan to stay longer, you may need to apply for a 30 days visa or long-term visa, depending on your needs.

Gulf Cooperation Council

The second category of visitors who don't need visas to enter Oman are citizens of GCC countries. These countries comprise Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. The GCC has an open border policy that allows its citizens to move freely from one member state to another. So, therefore, passport holders of other GCC states don't need a visa for Oman.

Visa-exempt visitors must present valid passports and a confirmed hotel reservation in Oman, where they will stay. They must also provide a health insurance certificate and a return travel ticket back to their country. These are the only documents they will be asked to present by the Royal Oman Police.

Who Needs A Visa For Oman?

If you are not from a GCC and your country is not on the visa-exempt list of Oman, you need an Oman evisa before being allowed into the country. It doesn't matter whether you plan to stay for less than 10 days or up to a month; you will be asked to show a visa at the border crossing or airport. Visitors from non-visa-exempt countries may apply for any of the available visas.

Enter With A Valid Schengen Visa

It will also interest you to know that citizens from selected countries can enter Oman if they have a valid Schengen visa issued by a European country. Indians, Mexicans, Jordanians, and others can visit Oman if they have a Schengen visa but no Plan visa. They can also visit if they have a valid visa or residence permit issued by the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

Long Term Visit

Oman has a very strict visa policy; the longest a visitor can stay is 30 days unless under special conditions. Visa-free visitors or visitors with visas can stay for 14 days at a time, but for a longer stay, they must apply for the official 30 days Oman visa. This visa is valid for 90 days, but the holder cannot stay for more than one month.

How To Apply For The 30 Days Visa?

You can apply for the 30 days Visa in VisaHQ by doing the following

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Choose Oman as your destination

  • Choose your country

  • Select the visa you want

  • Fill out the application form

  • Attach all documents

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit for approval

Do you need a visa for Oman? You need one if you don't come from a visa free country or plan to stay for more than 14 days.

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