Oman visa requirements for UAE residents

If you live in the UAE but plan to visit Oman in the near future, you will need to know the Oman visa requirements for UAE residents to apply for an Oman visa. Oman has a favorable immigration policy towards citizens and residents of the UAE, so obtaining a visa while in the UAE should not be a problem. 

This page contains valuable information about the Omani visa process for United Arab Emirates residents. Take your time to read it through to gain deep insight.

Visiting Oman

Oman is one of the member nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council and is known for its rich cultural heritage and scenic natural attractions. Although it is not the most popular Arab country for tourism, it still enjoys its fair share of tourists and foreign visitors who come to work or visit family members and friends. The expatriate community from a gcc country in Oman has grown over the last few years making it a top travel destination for travelers.

If you plan a vacation to Oman, now may be a good time to apply for a visa. Irrespective of your nationality, you can get a visa via the nearest Oman visa center or via the Royal Oman police website.

The government has also introduced an online process so UAE residents can apply for a visa from the UAE before they board a flight to Oman. The online route is for short stays.

Oman Visa Requirements for UAE Residents

Anyone who is a UAE resident with a valid residence permit and belongs to an eligible professional may apply for an Omani visa provided they meet other conditions. We review the documents all applicants must provide to get an electronic visa to enter Oman.

Oman Visa Application Requirements

Kindly note that anyone who has been a resident in the United Arab Emirates for up to 6 months does not need a sponsor to get a visa. They only need to submit the following documents.

Valid Passport: A passport with up to 6 months of the validity period. Passport validity is counted from the arrival time, not the application date. For physical application, a copy of the passport bio page should be attached to the application form, but for online registrations, only a scanned copy of the bio page will be required including your passport details.

Recent Photo: A recent photograph taken not later than 6 months before it is used. A recent photograph will make it easier for officers at the airport to identify the applicant. The face must be clearly visible.

Valid Email: A valid e mail is required to receive an online visa. Applicants are advised to only provide their registered email as the visa will be mailed to the inbox.

Debit/Credit Card: A debit or credit card is required to make the online visa fee payment. After paying the visa fee, an electronic receipt will be generated, which should be printed out.

Proof of UAE Residency: The applicant must provide proof that they are indeed UAE residents. A resident permit will suffice for this.

Older Children: Children must be under 21 years for a family to apply for a family visa. Older children will have to apply for a separate visa as adults.

Free Joint Visa: Families can apply for a joint visa provided they are coming directly to Oman for the UAE

Visa Type: As a UAE resident, you can visit with visa 29A if you are an approved professional or a 29B visa if you accompany the main traveler.


The most important factor that qualifies you for this visa is that you are a UAE residence visa already before applying. Besides the UAE, all GCC residents qualify for the electronic travel visa issued by the government of Oman.


When filling out the visa application form, ensure that the information you provide is accurate and matches what is obtainable on the documents you submit. Application rejections are common with Oman visa processing. Even those who get the Oman visit visa may be prevented from entering the country if the Oman Royal Police officials discover information or document discrepancies at the airport.

To avoid unnecessary delays and deportation, only provide valid documents and information you can prove. It is also important to indicate the purpose of your visit and apply for the right Oman e visa for UAE residents. If you are coming for work, don’t apply for a tourist visa, as this will land you in trouble with the authorities.

Oman visa requirements for UAE residents are easy to provide as long as you have a UAE resident permit to prove your stay in the UAE. For Oman online e visa applications, visit VisaHQ to fill out and submit the online form.

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