Oman visa from UK

Oman visa UK is available to UK citizens who wish to visit the Sultanate for business or pleasure. Oman has long been a favorite destination for tourists from the Middle East, so the Sultanate has designed different Oman tourist visa programs to encourage such visits. If you are a UK citizen and you have a valid passport, you will find the information in this article to be quite helpful as you plan your next trip.

Traveling To Oman

Oman is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Countries council and one of the Middle East's thriving emirates. The country may be small in size and population, but it is one of the world's richest countries per capita. Muscat is the capital, and it is also the most populated city in the country, with world class Infrastructure and thriving businesses. If you are not from a GCC country, you may need a visa to enter the country if you plan to stay for a long time.

Do UK Citizens Need An Omani Visa?

An Oman visa is required for UK passport holders who plan to visit Oman to conduct business, visit as tourists or visit family and friends. The visa process is easy as long as they meet the visa requirements.


Oman Visa Requirements

All travelers coming from the UK with a British passport require the following documents to apply for this visa.

British Passport: A British passport valid for at least 12 months from the period they plan to enter Oman. The passport must have at least 1 empty page for the Royal Oman Police to affix stamps. A copy of the first and second pages of the passport must be uploaded.

Application Form: There is an electronic application form that the applicant must complete and submit for approval. Only accurate information that match passport details will be accepted.

Photo: One valid passport sized photograph that meets the photo requirements for applications. The photo must be white and clearly show the applicant's face.

Letter: A cover letter explaining the purpose of the trip. The letter may be a cover or company letter, depending on the situation.

Visa Fee: A min refundable visa fee payable with a certified check, money order, or a credit or debit card in some cases.

The above documents will be submitted to the Oman embassy or Royal Police online for processing. Only UK citizens that meet all the requirements will be issued a visa.

Omani eVisa For UK Citizens

As a UK citizen, you don't have to visit the Oman embassy to get a visa if you only plan to visit for a short time. The eVisa program was introduced to simplify the visa process for visitors. Now you can apply for an eVisa online and have the visa sent to your email. 

Furthermore, the e-visa only takes 15 minutes or less. This visa is available as a single entry or multiple entry visa and is issued for two purposes; tourism and business purposes.

UK citizens who are residents of any GCC country still need to hold a visa to enter Oman, but they can apply for the eVisa. However, their profession needs to be on the approved list; otherwise, their application will not be approved.

EVisa Requirements

Find below the requirements for an Omani eVisa

  • Valid passport (6 months minimum validity)

  • Email to receive the eVisa

  • Photo of the applicant

  • Travel Insurance

How To Apply For An eVisa As A UK Citizen?

You can apply for this visa via VisaHQ: do the following

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Choose Oman as your destination

  • Choose the UK as your citizenship

  • Select Oman visa

  • Complete the visa application form

  • Scan and upload your documents

  • Pay the visa application fee

  • Submit for approval

Oman Visa Fee For UK Citizens

The type of eVisa you apply for will determine the fee you pay. A 30 day eVisa will set you back by €99 and may rise to as much as €149. Do not that this fee is non refundable and does not guarantee that the visa will be issued to you. It is also important to point out that the decision to allow you into the country rests with the Royal Oman Police. If they discover you obtained the visa under a false pretext, they may bar you from entering Oman. That is why visitors are advised to be genuine with their visa application and only to provide valid information.

Important Things To Bear In Mind

The social culture of Oman is very different from what is obtainable in the United Kingdom. Oman is a conservative society with strict Islamic values, so visitors are advised to respect the local laws and customs whenever they are within Omani borders.

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