30 days Oman visa

Are you interested in visiting the Sultanate of Oman anytime soon? You most likely need a 30 days Oman visa. Many visitors to Oman arrive with this document and stay for up to a month before they depart. This page contains information about the visa and how to apply, so keep reading to learn a thing or two before you begin the visa application process.

The 30 Days Oman Visa

The 30 days Oman visa is a tourist visa issued to short term visitors. This visa is valid for 90 days and becomes active once issued to the beneficiary. Eligible applicants can avail of this visa if they wish to visit for a short time of one month or less. Furthermore, the visa is only issued for the purpose of tourism or short business trips. The Omani visa is easy to obtain; you can apply for it yourself by submitting your application online via VisaHQ or hiring the services of a travel agent to help you out.

After getting the visa, you must print it out and bring a copy with you on your trip to Oman, as the Royal Police will request it at the airport. There are three types of 30 days for Oman visa you should be aware of;

Single Entry Visa: A single entry visa has 90 days validity and allows the visitor to stay for one month.  

Single Entry Visa For GCC Residents: A single entry visa for GCC residents is for foreign nationals who are temporary or permanent residents of other Gulf Cooperation Countries. This visa allows them to visit and stay in Oman for 28 days.

Multiple Entry Visa: The Multiple entry visa is valid for a calendar year and allows visitors to visit Oman as often as they want but can not stay for more than 30 days per visit.

These visas have different application fees, so feel free to apply for the one that best suits your itinerary. If you are a frequent traveler and plan to visit several times a year, you should opt for a multiple entry visa instead.

Who Needs An Omani Visa?

This visa is required for all foreigners coming to Oman for whatever reason. Only citizens from other GCC countries may visit Oman visa free. The visa free countries are Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and others.

Documents For 30 Days Oman Visa

The visa requirements for this visa are discussed below.

Passport: A scanned copy of the first and last pages of the applicant’s passport. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months and possess an average of three empty pages for stamps.

Tickets: Booked two way flight tickets for the trip to and from Oman. The tickets must also bear the dates of arrival and departure. You can reserve the tickets instead of buying them until the visa is approved. A non refundable fee paid to the authorities for processing your documents.

Visa Fee: This fee is payable with a credit or debit card.

Hotel Reservation: Hotel reservation or a house address where you will stay during your time in Oman

How To Apply For A 30 Days Visa

To apply for a 30 day, visa here are the steps to take

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Choose Oman as your destination

  • Choose your country of origin

  • Select the visa you want

  • Fill out the form

  • Attach the necessary documents

  • Pay that visa fee

  • Submit for approval

With these few steps, you will complete the application process and submit it. The visa will be forwarded to your email within 24-48 hours.

Who Is Eligible For This Visa

The visa is available to everyone as long as they meet the visa requirements. Secondly, their purpose must solely be fit business or tourism and it for work or any other purpose. You will be sanctioned if you are caught living in Oman working a job.

All applications must contain accurate and not misleading information. At the airport, the Omani Royal Police will ask you questions about why you are coming into the country and how long you plan to stay for. They will also examine your visa and passport to ensure your claims are true.

Once you are allowed into the country, always move around with your 30 days Oman visa in case the police stop you anywhere in the city center and request your papers. Visitors are also advised to respect the local laws and customs during their stay. Alcohol and drug consumption are prohibited, and holding a person of the opposite sex in public is frowned upon. Lastly, you are not allowed to work or study with this visa. If you wish to, apply for an appropriate visa instead.

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