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Do you have plans to visit the UK for any business purposes? For example, are there any important company meetings you have to attend or do you have to meet any officials?

If so, you will need to acquire a business visa to travel to the United Kingdom. Without a business visa, you will not be permitted entry. Depending on which country you belong to, you need to check whether you need a visa to travel to the UK. Some countries are exempt from getting a visa.

This article aims to tell you everything you need to know about the UK business visa. In addition, the article discusses the UK business visa's validity and how you can acquire one!

What is a Business Visa?

A business visa is mainly for business purposes. It is a type of visitor visa that allows individuals to tend to business-related matters such as business meetings and conferences. With this business visa, you can easily meet up with officials for important matters and finalize dealings. For a normal visit, you can apply for the standard visitor visa.

The concerned government authorities issue business visitor visa for permissible business activities. However, it would be best to remember that you cannot use the business visitor visa for employment overseas. You cannot indulge in labour with this type of visa.

What is a UK Business Visa?

The UK business visa is a valid travel document that you can acquire for different reasons. For example, you can obtain this visa if you have to attend any meeting or conference.

Moreover, if you are going to be a part of any sports festival or activity, the business visa will come in handy. If an organization has one of their branches in the UK, employees of that overseas company can get a business visa.

Those who have to get training and attend sessions should also get a UK business visa. And also, if you are an internal auditor of a company and have to perform regulatory or financial audits, you will need a business visa.

A business visa is needed for individuals who want to sign deals or negotiate contracts.

UK Innovator Visa

The UK innovator visa is a type of UK startup visa for business people with sufficient experience and who wants to set up a business in the UK. However, your business should add something new to the table, be truly innovative, and be a scalable business idea.

For the startup visa, you need to have some endorsement by any UK higher education institution or supporting UK entrepreneurs.


The UK business visa can be either for a short-term visit or a long-term visit. The short-term visit visa is valid for 6 months, whereas the long-term visit visa has a validity of either 2, 5 or 10 years. With long-term business visas, you can enter and leave the UK as per your business needs.

What are the UK Business Visa Requirements?

Some documents required for this business visa include filling out your visa application form properly with accurate personal details.

You must submit your valid passport with a proper picture, and the original passport should be valid for at least six months.

You have to provide your travel itinerary that states your proper travel history, and you can also give your previous visas or passports.

You will also have to provide proof of sufficient funds. This can be in the form of bank statements or pay slips. Moreover, you need to prove that once your business purpose of the visit is satisfied, you will leave the country. This is needed to cover your expenses while in the UK.

Moreover, as this is a business visa, you must provide the details of the business activities you will be indulging in.

You should also have a valid invite if a company has invited you. In addition, you must provide a cover letter from the company stating the purpose of your visit.

Lastly, you will have to pay the visa fee to complete the UK business visa requirements.

How to Acquire a UK Business Visa?

You can get any UK visa either by visiting the nearest UK embassy, or you can get the visa through the online visa application process.

VisaHQ is an online visa platform that allows individuals to apply for any visa by sitting at their homes. Therefore, you do not need to travel elsewhere to get the visa.

Once you visit the site VisaHQ, you will be prompted to fill in the destination country and your nationality. You will choose your respective home country and the UK as the destination. You can then select the visa type as a business visitor visa. All the information regarding the UK business visa requirements, visa fees, processing time, etc., will show up according to your country.

You can go through the information, fill out the visa application form, and submit the documents, and the visa process will be complete. You will then have to wait until the visa is processed!

Visa Policy of The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a visa policy designed by His Majesty’s government to regulate the entry and exit of foreigners. The visa requirements of visitors to the UK, Crown dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man, or even those seeking to work or study in any of these regions, are determined based on the visa policy. The body responsible for all aspects of border control and immigration is the Home Office which derives its authority from the Immigration Act (1971).

The Immigration Act (1971) is the basic law that regulates immigration in the UK. This law empowers the SSHD to make rules and regulate the entry and stay of foreigners in the UK. It also designates categories of visitors based on their nationality, education, skill, level, etc. These rules are subject to frequent changes, so travelers must study them before applying or coming to the UK.

The visa policy also covers the Common Travel Area, which the United Kingdom shares with the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands, and shares some similarities with the visa laws of British Overseas Territories. Before the 31st of January 2020, citizens from European Union countries were allowed freedom of entry and exit from the UK but all that changed after Brexit when the UK left the European Union. Now persons of EU nationality can still enter the UK visa-free, but they must apply for and secure an Electronic Travel Authorization.

Lastly, you should know that the visa policy of the UK categorizes foreign nationals into two broad groups; Visa Exempt visitors and non-visa-exempt visitors. Those from visa-exempt countries do not require visas to enter the UK but an entry permit which may be an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) or an Electronic Visa Waiver (ETW). As for nationals in the non-visa-exempt group, they need visas to enter the UK.

Key Information About UK Online Travel Documents

Before traveling to the United Kingdom in an online entry pass, you should take note of the following

Be Sure Of Your Eligibility: Always be certain of your eligibility before submitting your. ETAs are for persons from selected visa free countries while EVW is strictly for persons from Gulf countries. If you submit your application despite being ineligible, your application will be denied.

Avoid Illegal Routes: There are dozens of illegal routes and into the UK especially from the Southern Coast. You are advised to avoid these routes because they are hazardous and dangerous. Only use approved routes to enter the UK for your own safety.

Use The Same Passport: Always use the same Passport you used for the application, not a different one. The UK border control agents will demand to see your visa before letting you in; since what you have is an ETA or EVW they will generate it using the number on your passport. If you travel with a different passport you will not be allowed into the country. If your passport will soon expire, apply for a new one before submitting your application for ETA or EVW.

Extra Documentation For Minors: The UK government has very strict regulations for traveling minors and they have zero tolerance for child trafficking. Do not be surprised if you are asked many questions at the entry port or asked to provide documents to prove that the child you are traveling with is yours or you are their legal guardian. To prove legal guardianship you must show a parental consent form duly notarized and signed by the child's parents. If the child is yours, you must provide valid birth certificates for you and the child.

Don't Overstay: Never stay beyond the maximum days allowed under the ETA and EVW arrangements.  ETA and EVW holders can stay in the United Kingdom for up to 6 months at a time but spending a day longer will be treated as a violation. There are different fines and sanctions for illegal immigrants so be conscious of time.

Don't Work: You are not allowed to work in the UK with an ETA or EVW. Only persons with work visas are allowed to work.  Business visitors are free to transact business during their time in the country but cannot engage in any Employment that will earn them direct pay.

These are important Caveats to bear in mind as you prepare for your trip to the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom Visa Online – Get your United Kingdom E Visa with VisaHQ

Do you have plans to travel to United Kingdom? If you do, you will need a visa or an entry permit to enter the country, and you can get an online visa by submitting your application through VisaHQ.

How to obtain an ETA/ EVW with VisaHQ?

Obtaining your Electronic Travel Authorization or Electronic Visa Waiver via VisaHQ has always been challenging. We have made the process seamless, and you can complete the application from the comfort of your home. All you need is to follow these simple steps highlighted below.

Fill out The Form: The first phase is to complete the application form on VisaHQ and choose the online travel permit you want (ETA or EVW). This will take only a few minutes, but please be careful with your entries and cross-check for errors.

Upload & Attach The Necessary Documents: You must attach the required documents, including your valid passport and any other documents before you can apply. Once you are done, submit the form, and this action will trigger a confirmation notification sent to your email.

Get Your ETA/EVW: Your ETA or EVW will be forwarded to your inbox after the UK Home Office approves it— endeavor to print it out and travel with the copy for reference and passport validation.

As you can see, our application process is relatively straightforward and will only take a few minutes of your time. We also have support staff to help you with any difficulties or answer your inquiries. So please navigate to the application page now or contact our customer representatives for support.

Why Use VisaHQ?

For two decades, VisaHQ has been the number one online platform for online visas, and we are proud of the first-class service we render our clients. Suppose you are looking to visit the UK for a short visit and would need an Electronic Travel Authorization or Electronic Visa Waiver (depending on your nationality). In that case, there are more than enough reasons to do so through VisaHQ. 

Here is why you should use VisaHQ

  • We use encrypted software to protect your personal information and documents.
  • We offer professional services tailored to meet your needs
  • We have been in business since 2003 and going strong
  • 100% positive user experience with our website and navigation tools
  • The seamless application process for online visa applications
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • We offer application status tracking so you know when yours has been approved
  • Only digital uploads, so there is no need to handle physical copies of your documents

Traveling to the UK as a visa-exempt visitor is made easy with VisaHQ. Our service is designed to make your travel adventure as stress-free as possible. Our representatives will also be on hand to answer your question and provide extra support if necessary.


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