UK visa for Bangladesh citizens

Many people travel from Bangladesh to the United Kingdom. Are you also thinking of visiting the UK? If so, you are at the right place! As this article will discuss the UK visa for Bangladeshi citizens. As a Bangladeshi citizen, you will need a United Kingdom visa to travel to the UK for any purpose. Unfortunately, Bangladesh is not one of those countries whose citizens can travel to the UK without a visa.

You will learn about the different visa types available for Bangladesh passport holders as you read further. You will know about the visa validity and how you can conveniently apply for the visas and get going with your trip to the UK!

What are the Different Types of UK visas for Bangladeshi Citizens?

Tourist Visa

The UK tourist visa allows individuals to explore the UK and spend time doing recreational activities. This is a type of visitor visa, and you can use this visa to visit your family and friends.

The UK tourist visa is valid for up to 10 years and is a multiple-entry visa. But you can only extend your stay for up to six months each time you visit. And this visa can be processed within 10 to 21 days.

Business Visa

This UK visit visa allows individuals to participate in business activities such as meetings, conferences, workshops, negotiations, deal signings, etc. The validity of the UK business visa is the same as the tourist visa.

Short term Work Visa

The short term visa allows individuals to work in the UK temporarily. But this visa also has the same processing time and validity as the business and tourist visas.

Long term Work Visa

The UK long term visa allows Bangladeshi citizens to stay in the UK longer than a short term visa for work purposes. This visa is for those skilled workers who are given an offer to work in the UK.

Marriage Visitor Visa

This is a short term visa, and foreign travelers can come to the UK with this visa to marry a British citizen.

Student Visa

The student visa is available as both short and long term visas. With this visa, you can pursue higher studies, take a short course, enroll in summer school, etc.

Hence, the student visa allows Bangladeshi citizens to study in the UK.

Transit Visa

The transit visa is needed when traveling from Bangladesh to somewhere, and the UK is coming in between; therefore, you either have a layover at the UK airport and will be staying there for a maximum of 2 days or are just passing through the UK.

Permitted Paid Engagement Visa

This is a short-term UK visa, and the purpose of this visa is to allow foreign travelers to perform certain paid activities. This can include participating in art-related events, sports competitions, lectures, research purposes, etc.

The permitted paid engagement visa is for single entry only, and this visa does not allow individuals to work other than the task they have come to complete. For employment purposes, you must get a work visa.

What are the UK Visa Requirements?

The required documents may differ depending on your chosen visa type. However, there are specific documents required regardless of the type of visa.

The requirements include submitting the visa application form, which asks for basic details. Moreover, you must submit your original passport. The passport should have at least two blank visa pages and be valid for at least six months once you have left the UK.

You must also provide biometrics and a travel itinerary describing your travel plans.

You can provide proof of sufficient funds and bank statements and balance. This is necessary to provide a guarantee to the immigration officer that you are capable of covering your costs.

You must provide documents regarding your accommodation and travel bookings.

If you have been invited by a family member, friend, or any organization, you must submit the invitation letter. If you travel on a business visa, you may be asked for a business support letter. For the student visa, you need to provide your enrollment letter.

Supporting documents are important as they make your visa request stronger! Lastly, you must pay the visa fees according to the specified type of visa you apply for.

How to Apply for the UK Visa Application?

There are two modes of applying for the UK visa application. One is physical, and the other is online. If you want to apply physically, you can apply for the visa at the visa application center, UK Embassy, or the Consulate. Remember to book an appointment before going for applying for the visa!

The other mode is online. And you can apply online through VisaHQ. VisaHQ is a third-party site that offers visa services. The site provides much information on the visa and has an online chat option that you can use if you get stuck at any step. Moreover, VisaHQ allows you to apply for a visa from anywhere, anytime.

To apply, select your home country, and then you need to choose the visa you want to apply for. When you have decided, please fill out the online visa application form and then submit the documents by scanning them. Pay the visa fee, and you're done with the visa process! The next step requires you to wait for the visa to be sent!

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