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The UK has many exquisite places that attract many tourists, and it is a country that many people travel to. If you are planning to travel to the UK, you must know what the UK offers different visas. People are usually aware of tourist and business visas; however, there are many more UK visa types.

The reason an individual visits the UK can be different for everyone, and hence, different reasons will require you to acquire different visas. If you need to learn about the type of visa, this article aims to help you understand the UK visa categories.

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What are the Different Visa Types for the UK?

Tourist Visa

UK tourist visas are ideal for individuals who want to travel to the UK for exploration purposes and tourism.

If the main aim of your travel is a recreational visit, you must opt for a tourist visa.

Business Visa

Business visas allow foreign nationals to travel to the UK for business purposes. Therefore, if you want to attend a business meeting or conference or negotiate deals, you must obtain a UK business visa. However, it would be best if you remembered that the UK business visa is different from the work visa, and you can not use it to travel to the UK for employment purposes.

Study Visa

Study visas allow foreign nationals to study in the UK. Therefore, if you want to complete your studies and pursue higher level education in the UK, you must get a study visa.

Visitor Visa

You can visit your family members or friends in the UK with a visitor visa. You may need an invitation letter from the person hosting you to acquire this visa.

Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

The youth mobility scheme visa category allows individuals aged between 18 and 30 a work permit. This work permit remains valid for 2 years. However, you must check whether this type of visa is allowed in your country.

Spouse Visa

A spouse visa is for the spouses of British nationals. Hence, if you have a British citizen spouse, you can obtain a spouse visa.

Transit Visa

A UK transit visa is required when you have to pass through the United Kingdom to travel to another country.

Startup Visa

This visa is for visa applicants who want to start a business in the UK and have sponsors for their startup.

Other Visas

Other visas include settlement visas, sportsperson visas, dependent visas, and skilled worker visas. Depending on the nature of your visit, you must choose the visa.

What are the Different UK Visa Requirements?

Certain visa requirements must be fulfilled to acquire a UK visa. Most importantly, you must fill out the UK visa application form. Ensure that you enter all the correct details. Once you have completed the visa application form, you must provide your valid passport. Ensure that the passport is not expired and validates at least six months after you leave the UK. Your valid passport must also have at least two blank pages.

You should also have two passport pictures and proof of sufficient funds to guarantee the UK immigration authorities that you can cover your costs during your travel.

You must provide your travel itinerary and proof of accommodations as well. Other documents include an invitation letter, and biometric information, if necessary.

Lastly, remember to pay the visa fee.

How to Apply for a UK Visa?

If you wish to apply for a UK visa, you can visit the UK Embassy or Consulate or go to the visa application center. Visiting these places will, however, require you first to schedule an appointment before you go, and you may also need to give a visa interview.

Before applying for the visa, you need to check the eligibility criteria to know whether you can apply for a certain type of UK visa, if you need one in the first place, or if the UK electronic visa waiver form will work. Moreover, if you do not want to visit the Embassy or Consulate and want to apply through a more convenient way, you can apply online. You need to check if you're eligible to apply online.

You can apply online and complete the visa application process through the site known as VisaHQ. VisaHQ is an online third-party service. And it provides services for visas and passports. Therefore, if you want to apply for any UK visa category, you need to visit the site, enter the UK as the destination, and then choose your home country. You will be shown details regarding all the visa types available based on the country you selected. You can also fill out the visa application form online, submit all the required documents, and pay the visa fee!

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