Do I need a UK visa for a connecting flight

If you are traveling to the UK only to pass through and don't need to stay in the UK properly, then the question arises do you need a UK visa or not? Hence, should you acquire a UK visa if you have a connecting flight to the UK?

This article will discuss what the UK transit visa is and what is the need for this visa! Therefore, continue reading to know whether you need a UK visa if you have a connecting flight and how you can apply for one!

What is a Transit Visa?

Transit visas are a type of nonimmigrant visa. These visas are mainly needed when you are transiting through a country to travel to a different country. This means that you will only go to that country for a short while and leave within a day or two to reach your final destination.

For the transit visa, you must provide valid proof that you will travel to a different country and are only transiting in a certain country. Transit visas are usually single-entry visas.

What is the UK Transit Visa and Who Needs It?

If you travel to the UK only to change flights or have a connecting flight, you may need a transit visa. Moreover, you might require a transit visa if you need to check in your baggage at the UK border control. Other reasons you may need a transit visa include going out of the UK within 2 days or not studying or doing any work while you remain in the UK.

However, not all countries' nationals need to apply for a transit visa; hence, check if you belong to a country whose nationals need a transit visa.

A transit visa will not be required if you have a marriage visitor visa, a standard visitor visa, or a travel document that states that you are a refugee. Moreover, you won't need transit visas if you have an EU Settlement family permit.

There are two types of UK transit visas, and one is the direct airside transit visa and the other is the visitor in transit visa.

You must fill out the application for a direct airside transit visa to change flights in the United Kingdom and not be taken through the border control. This means that if you have your connecting flight within that day as the one where you landed, you need a direct airside transit visa.

These visas have a validity of 24 hours, this means that your connecting flight is within a day of your landing in the UK.

However, if you go pass border control, you must apply for a visitor in transit visa! And you will choose this visa only if you leave the UK in the next 48 hours. This means that if you check in with the baggage and belongings, you must apply for visitor in transit visa.

Hence, depending on your airline and how long you might have to stay in the UK, you must choose the transit visa to apply to.

What are the Requirements for a Transit Visa?

The requirements for a transit visa include having a valid passport. Moreover, if you are traveling to a country, and you are not a country national, then you must provide evidence that you are permitted to go to that country.

And you can provide this proof through a residence permit, any valid visa, or a green card. Additionally, it is possible that you have to present reasons for your travel to that particular country. Hence, you must give documents for example booking email for flight, flight ticket, and confirmation from any travel agent.

When you are traveling in transit, ensure that you bring all your required documents along with you.

How to Apply for the UK Transit Visa?

Suppose you wish to apply for a UK transit visa, like direct airside transit visa or a visitor in transit visa. In that case, you must schedule an appointment with the nearest UK Embassy, Consulate, or visa application center. You can't barge in to these places without a proper appointment first.

When you go for your interview, remember to take all your required documents, such as your valid passport or any other identification document for travel. In the interview, you may be inquired to present proof that you have a permit to come into the country you will travel to after transit to the UK.

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