Schengen visa Italy from Oman

Schengen visa Oman Italy is available for Omani citizens who want to visit the Republic of Italy for a short time. This visa is issued by the Italian embassy in Muscat, and the application process is straightforward. If you submit your application now, you should get it within a few weeks, depending on the embassy.  

Why Do Omani Citizens Need Visas To Italy?

This visa is a requirement because Oman is not on the visa free list of countries. Italy is a part of the Schengen zone and observes the same Immigration policy as the other 26 members in the region. This visa is mandatory for citizens of countries not on the visa free list, and Oman is not on the list. For this reason, all Omani passport holders must obtain a visa before boarding a flight to Italy.

There are two options for applicants: the direct visa application to the embassy, which is the common practice, and the second is to submit your application through a licensed visa application center affiliated with the Italian embassy. In some countries, embassies do not collect applications directly from applicants but do so through licensed agents. Find out if you can submit your application directly and follow through with the approved process.

What Is The Schengen Visa Oman Italy?

The Schengen visa fee for Oman citizens is the same for all Schengen visa applications to other countries, as the fee is standard for all applicants. Applicants 12 and above must pay an €80 fee, while children between 6 -11 must pay €40. There is no application fee for toddlers under 6 years. This fee is paid in Omani Rial using a credit or debit card, cheque, or any method the embassy deems fit.

Schengen Visa Oman Italy’s Requirements

Here are the documents applicants must submit to the embassy.

Application Form: The application form is a mandatory document that should contain all their personal information. The form has several sections which must be correctly filled with valid data, and it must also be signed before it can become valid.

Passport: An Omani passport is another very important document that must be submitted to the embassy. The passport must not be more than a decade old and must be valid for at least three months after the departure date. The passport must also have a minimum of two empty pages for visa stickers or stamps.

Photograph: The application form must include two passport-sized photographs taken not later than six months prior. The passports must have white backgrounds, show their faces clearly, and meet other Schengen photo requirements.

Visa Fee: The visa fee receipt must be included to serve as evidence of payment of the application fee.

Round Trip Tickets and Itinerary: Embassy officials want to know whether you have plans to leave the country and return home once your visa expires. For that, they will request two-way flight tickets with the entry and departure dates boldly printed on them. Your itinerary should also show the places you plan to visit during your time in Italy.

Proof of Accommodation: Your proof of accommodation can be a hotel reservation, an Air BNB reservation, or even the house address of a family or friend where you will stay.

Proof of Financial Means: You must submit a stamped bank account statement showing the minimum required balance to cover your expenses during your stay. The daily expenses are multiplied by the number of days you intend to stay in the country.

Cover Letter: This signed letter should clearly explain why you want to visit Italy, the places you will visit, how long you will stay, and your entry and exit date, including other vital details.

Travel Health Insurance: Based on Schengen visa regulations, all visitors coming to Italy or any other Schengen country must have a valid health insurance policy with a minimum of €30,000 coverage. This policy is meant to cover any medical expenses incurred during their stay.

Types of Visas Omanis May Apply For?

Several visa types are issued to applicants depending on the purpose of their trip. When filling out the application form, applicants can tick the visa they want from among the listed boxes. There are

  • Airport Transit Visa

  • Transit Visa

  • Business Visa

  • Official Visa

  • Medical Treatment Visa

  • Study Visa

  • Visitor Visa

  • Cultural Exchange Visa

And a few others. Be sure of why you wish to visit Italy before ticking any of the options.

Is The Visa Fee Refundable?

Kindly note that the visa fee is not refundable once it is paid. Also, applicants cannot submit their applications without paying the fee. Secondly, that you pay the fee is not a guarantee that you will get the Schengen visa Oman Italy if you don’t meet the requirements.

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