Minimum bank balance for schengen visa Italy

Italy is visited by millions of travelers each year due to its exquisite landscapes, amazing food, and the country with the longest coastline in Europe.

Italy is part of the European Union and is also part of the Schengen area, making it a Schengen country. Therefore, if you are eligible and from a country whose citizens need a visa to travel to Italy, you must have the Italy Schengen visa.

The Italy Schengen visa is for a short stay; therefore, if you want to stay longer, you should apply for an Italian national visa.

There are certain requirements for the Italy Schengen visa. If you don't fulfill these, your visa application process will be delayed, and you will not successfully acquire the visa.

Therefore, ensuring that all your requirements are properly fulfilled is very important. One such requirement for the Italian visa is proof of sufficient financial resources. And this article will discuss the minimum amount required for the Schengen visa for Italy. Therefore, continue reading and understand what the minimum bank balance required is!

Why do We Need to Provide Proof of Financial Means?

Proof of financial means is so important because it guarantees that you can travel to a specific country and have sufficient financial strength.

Your means of subsistence tell you will not use any wrong means to stay in the country.

Additionally, if you do not provide bank statements or bank balances, there is a greater probability that your visa will be rejected. Proof of sufficient funds is an integral part of the visa application.

How to Provide Proof of Financial Means?

You can provide proof by submitting the right documents. The documents required mainly include your most recent bank account statements.

You need to provide the bank statements for the last three months. You must provide proof of sufficient funds to show that you can cover your travel expenses, food expenses, and accommodation.

What are the Minimal Financial Requirements for Italian Schengen Visa?

The minimal financial requirements for the Italian Schengen visa depend on how long you stay in Italy and how many people travel. The bank balance requirements also depend on why you are visiting Italy and your itinerary.

By standard, the minimum requirements for the short stay Schengen visa are such that if you have a hotel reservation or are going to be staying in some similar type of accommodation, you must have a minimum coverage of €44 each day.

However, if you visit your friends or family members and will stay with them for your trip, you must have a minimum coverage of €26 each day.

If you stay in Italy for five days, the total amount adds up to €269.6 for one person and €212.81 for two or more people.

For people planning to stay in Italy for more than five days but for ten days, the minimum required amount is about €44.93 for each person.

For 11-20 days, sufficient financial resources for the daily purpose must equal €36.67 per person.

And if you are visiting Italy for more than 20 days, then the amount daily should be €27.89 per person, and the complete amount adds up to €206.58.

However, remember that the above amounts are the minimum bank balances. If you have an amount greater than the minimum coverage, there are higher chances of your visa request being easily accepted.

How to Apply for the Schengen Visa in Italy?

The application process for the Italy visa first requires you to determine which type of visa you need. There are many different types of Schengen and national visas, and depending on the reason for your travel, you should be aware of which visa you want to apply to. Once you have selected the visa you want to apply for, you must complete the Schengen application form to gather all the required documents. You also have to fill out the visa application fee. You can go to the Italian Embassy or Consulate or the visa application center to submit all your documents, such as a valid passport, bank statement, etc. But to visit the Embassy, you must schedule an appointment before your visit.

Moreover, you can apply online as well. VisaHQ is an online site through which you can apply for a visa. Just choose your home country and Italy as your destination, select the visa you want to apply for and fill out the visa application form on the site.

Once you have done this, upload the scans of all the required documents and submit your application request. Your visa will be processed within the stated time on the website. VisaHQ will provide guidance and is a super easy way to apply for any visa online! Moreover, with VisaHQ, you can apply for multiple visas simultaneously.

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