Schengen visa France from Oman

Are you an Omani citizen, and are you planning a trip to Europe and France in particular? The type of visa you should apply for will depend on how long you wish to stay in the country; if you just want to spend a short holiday, visit family and friends or see a business engagement, you should opt for a Schengen visa Oman France. 

Omanis are welcome to France and any European country, for that matter, but they must obtain a visa from the French embassy in Muscat before boarding a flight and making a long trip to Western Europe.

The good news is that the visa application process is not as daunting as you think, and there are different visa options depending on why you want to visit in the first place. Let us look at some of the visa options available to applicants from Oman.

Types Of French Schengen Visa For Oman Passport Holders

Transit visa: The transit visa is for travelers who may need to switch flights to any French airport. This visa should not be confused with the airport transit visa, as it differs. While the airport transit visa doesn't allow the visitor to leave the airport at any point, this one grants you access to the city for a day or two before the flight change. It is ideal for travelers who enjoy France's sights and sounds for a few days before continuing their journey.

Tourist Visa: Most Omanis who apply for Schengen visas are tourists looking to spend their holidays in France. The tourist version of this visa is available as a single, double, or multiple-entry visa, and it grants you access to any province or city in France. You enjoy the different locations, sights, and sounds of the country once ruled by Napoleon.

Business Visa: If you have a business engagement in France, like a meeting, seminar, fair, or any other activity, you will need a business visa. If a host invites you, the embassy will request an invitation letter. This visa has similar validity to the others.

Official Visa: This one is issued to representatives of the Oman government or envoys coming to France for an event or on special appointment.  

Medical Visa: Omanis seeking medical treatment in a French hospital need a medical visa. To qualify, they must submit a letter issued by the facility or hospital accepting them as patients.

Cultural Exchange Visa: This is a special program for film crews, artists, or those attending any cultural, religious, or social event in France.

When Should I Apply For The Visa?

You must apply for it in Oman by submitting your passport and other documents. Oman citizens in other countries must include their certificate of residency in their applications. This visa cannot be issued to you in France or any other Schengen country. The visa takes about 15 calendar days after receiving your application, so you should submit your application at least three weeks before the day you plan to travel.

Where To Apply For The Visa

The visa is issued by the French embassy in Muscat, so that is where you must submit your application. You can also track your application to know how far it has progressed.

Is There An Application Fee?

The application fee is mandatory because you can't submit your documents without paying the fee. The fee is €80, but children under six do not pay any fee, while children between 6-11 pay €40. This fee is not refundable and doesn't guarantee application success.

Schengen Visa Oman France Documents

The Schengen visa documents that all applicants must submit are as follows.

  • A completed and signed application form

  • Valid Oman passport

  • Two photos

  • Cover letter

  • Proof of financial means

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Civil status certificate

  • Round trip flight Itinerary

  • Travel health insurance with €30,000 minimum

  • Round trip flight Itinerary

  • Copies of previous visas, if any

  • Visa fee receipt

Which Country Must I Visit First If I Plan To Visit Multiple Countries?

The primary destination rule applies to all visitors who want to visit more than one country in the Schengen area. You should only submit your application to the French embassy if France is the first country you plan to visit. Once you land in France, your passport will be stamped by the immigration officer on duty at the airport. 

Before departing for other countries, an exit stamp will also be placed on your passport.

If you make the mistake of going to a different country before France, you may encounter issues at the port of entry and may not even be allowed to enter. Furthermore, you risk deportation. That is why you should enter France first with your Schengen visa Oman France before anywhere else.

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