How to apply for France schengen visa from Nigeria

Any Nigerian citizen looking to visit France for a short visit should have to know how to apply for France Schengen visa from Nigeria. With enough information within your grasp, the process will be easy and straightforward. Nigerians are probably the most traveled African nationals from the continent, and France is probably the third on the list of top European destinations behind the United Kingdom and Germany.  

When applying for a Schengen visa, the applicant should fill out a visa application form and attach several documents to the form for processing. Submitting the right document that is valid is very important if you want your application to be successful, but how do you do that?

This post provides you with all the information you need to apply for a Schengen visa from Nigeria.

How To Apply for France Schengen Visa From Nigeria?

Passport holders from Nigeria who wish to apply for a Schengen visa from Nigeria will have to submit their application to the French embassy in Abuja or the consulate in Lagos. The embassy is where visa processing takes place and requires a systematic approach. The standard practice is not to accept visa applications directly from the applicant unless in special cases; instead, the embassy uses the services of visa application agents or centers like VFS to receive the application.  

Still, on the process, the applicant will need to book an appointment with the embassy, and a date will be scheduled for them. On the interview day, they must appear before the visa officer at the embassy with original copies of their document, which the officer will request for review. Questions will be asked regarding their trip, and if their documents are complete and all conditions are satisfied, their application will move to the processing stage.

Kindly note that you cannot submit your application without paying the visa fee. The receipt generated from the payment must be attached to the application as evidence of payment.

Documents For France Schengen Visa From Nigeria

Here is the list of documents requested by the embassy for the Schengen visa application.

Application Form: The application form is a vital document that contains your personal details and passport information, among other things. This form must be correctly filled with no section left out and must also be signed and dated to make it valid. French Schengen visa application forms can be obtained from visa centers and embassies in Abuja or Lagos or even online.

Nigerian Passport: You will need an original copy of your Nigerian passport, including the original. 

The embassy will only accept it if it has at least three months minimum validity from the day you plan to leave France at the end of your visit. It must also have a minimum of two empty pages and 

not be above ten years old.

ID Photos: Two recent photographs on white backgrounds that meet Schengen photo requirements are mandatory for this visa application.

Civil Status Certificate: To prove your status, you may need a marriage, birth, or family certificate. A death certificate may even be required to prove your relationship with a deceased.

Proof of Accommodation: All visitors to France must have a place to stay during their visit and provide evidence to that effect, like a hotel reservation or a house address of a relative or friend.

Travel Insurance: You must provide a travel medical insurance policy online with Schengen regulations. The insurance policy must provide a minimum €30,000 coverage to cover all medical costs in case of illness or injuries.

Round Trip Itinerary: A flight ticket reservation must be booked from Nigeria to France and back.

Visa Fee Receipt: The receipt generated from the visa fee you paid must be attached to the application as evidence of payment.

Cover Letter: Applicants of Schengen visas must submit a signed letter explaining why they wish to visit France and also provide detailed information about their trip.

Previous Visas: If you have been issued one or more Schengen visas, you should attach them to your application for reference purposes.

Proof of Funds: Lastly, you must submit a signed and stamped bank statement issued by your bank showing your account transaction for the last 3-6 months and the account balance. This proves that you have the financial means to meet your expenses in Europe.

Schengen Visa Fees For Nigerian Applicants

The visa fee is €80, equivalent to Naira children between 6-11 years pay €40 instead. Per Schengen regulations, children under six don’t pay application fees. Note that if you apply for this visa through visa agents and centers, you will incur extra service charges.

Now that you know how to apply for a French Schengen visa from Nigeria, why not file your application so your visa can be ready on time for your impending trip?

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