France schengen visa Kuwait

The France Schengen visa Kuwait is available to Kuwait citizens planning to visit France for a short time. This visa should not be confused with a French national visa which has a longer validity than the 180 days validity of the Schengen visa. 

The French version of the visa is not only recognized by French border officers and immigration but also by other Schengen countries. Below we review the documents you need to qualify for this visa and other basic information.


Why Do Kuwait Citizens Need This Visa?

As a citizen of Kuwait, you will need this visa to enter France since Kuwaitis do not enjoy visa free access to France. There are currently 63 countries on the Schengen visa exempt list. These countries have special visa liberalization agreements with the Schengen Union, so their citizens can travel to them without a visa but with a special waiver document called ETIAS. Kuwait is not on the list, so persons holding a Kuwait passport must submit a visa at the airport or border crossing before they can enter France or any other Schengen country.


Is This Visa Limited To France Only?

Schengen visas are issued and recognized by 27 countries in Europe. Other member countries recognize visas issued by these countries, so holders enjoy free access. Persons who are issued with a Schengen visa still get to enjoy access to 26 other countries. The only condition for accessing those countries is that the traveler must enter Europe through France, being the official issuer of the visa they carry. After entering France, they are free to visit other countries.


What Documents Are Required For France Schengen Visa Kuwait?

Just like with other visas, Schengen visas have special requirements that the applicant must meet before they can be issued the visa. Below, er review each of them.

Application Form: The interested traveler must obtain the application from the embassy in Kuwait City or online and fill it with the correct details. The form must also be signed to make it a legal document; other documents must be attached to the application form.

Kuwait Passport: An original and Valid Kuwait passport with a copy of the bio page must be submitted for review. He will accept only passports with at least three months validity from departure. The passport must have at least two empty pages and not be older than ten years.

Photograph: Two identical photographs in line with Schengen photo requirements must be submitted. The photos must be printed on a white background and not older than six months.

Civil Status certificate: Depending on your situation or whether you are traveling with a spouse, child, or parent, you will be asked to produce a civil status certificate like a birth, death, marriage, or family certificate.

Proof of Accommodation: Information about where you will sleep is required, so you must submit a hotel reservation or Airbnb proof. If you will stay with a family or friend, their house address is required.

Travel Health Insurance: Per Schengen regulations, visitors must have an active insurance policy to cover medical expenses they might incur during their visit. All visitors need a policy that can provide minimum health coverage of €30,000.

Round Trip Flight Itinerary: A round trip flight Itinerary and flight ticket reservations will be required.

Proof of Visa Fee Payment: The receipt generated from the visa fee payment must be provided as proof of payment.

Cover Letter: A signed cover letter containing information about yr trip and explaining its purpose is necessary. It must also contain information about your arrival and departure dates and how long you plan to stay in France or the Schengen Area.

Previous visas: Persons who have received a previous visa in the past should include them in their application.

Proof Of Financial Means: Original copies of financial statements showing transactions for the last three months. The account must contain sufficient balance to cover all your expenses for the time you stay. Self employed persons should provide their bank statements and business licenses, while those working with an employer must submit their statement and a certificate of annual leave, and an employment contract.

These documents, including any other document the embassy may ask for, should be attached to the visapplication and submitted for approval. Note that invalid or fake documents will lead to application rejections.

Where To Submit Your Application

All applications should be forwarded to the French embassy in Kuwait City. You must book an appointment with the embassy and then show up on the set date to submit your application. An interview may or may not be conducted for you.

Now that you know the requirements for the France Schengen visa Kuwait, start the process early so you can secure your visa in record time.

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