Schengen visa France from Bahrain

Are you a citizen of Bahrain and would like to visit France any time soon? If you don’t already have a visa, you need to apply for a Schengen visa Bahrain France.   This visa is issued by the French embassy in France, and your chances of getting it are high, especially if you have the right documents and the financial resources to cover your expenses.  

Taking A Trip To France

If you plan to visit France, you should prepare your mind for quite the adventure. The Republic of France comprises two regions, namely the Mainland in Europe and overseas territories scattered across the globe, which are all classified as France. Metropolitan or Mainland France signed the Schengen Agreement, joined the zone in 1997, and began issuing visas shortly after. France is a big country with 551,695 Km2, the most visited country in Europe, with more than 60 million people visiting every year. The cultural scene is great, with museums, castles, and architectural structures throughout the country.  

Inside France are the microstates of Monaco and Andorra, which are independent but share a lot of similarities with French culture and administration. You should also know that France shares a common border with many countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland. If you would like to visit any of them, France will be a good transit point to connect these countries.

Why Do I Need A Schengen Visa As A Bahraini Citizen?

You need this visa because you will not be allowed to enter France without it. Bahrain is not on the visa exempt list, so citizens looking to travel to the Schengen zone must obtain a visa first before embarking on the trip.

How Long Can Bahraini Citizens Stay In France?

This visa allows the visitor to stay for up to 90 days and not a day more. A Schengen visa will not be ideal for those who would like to stay for much longer. What they should apply for instead is a national visa. National visas have longer validity and grant the holder a residency permit to stay much longer. But they should note that national visas are only recognized by the issuing country, unlike Schengen visas, which are recognized and accepted by all member states.

Type of Schengen Visa For French Citizens

Before applying, you should be sure of the type of visa you need. Your choice should hinge on why you want to visit France in the first place. Here are the different visa types on offer.

Transit Visa: A transit visa is ideal for Bahrainis traveling to other countries but transiting through France. This visa lets travelers land in any French airport and take connecting flights afterward.

Tourist Visa: Those who wish to spend their holidays or explore France may apply for this visa. It is quite flexible since the visitor can engage in any other activity as long as it is not illegal and non commercial.

Business Visa: A French Schengen business visa is for professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs coming to France for business related activities. Note that this visa should not be confused with a work visa as it doesn’t qualify you for a work permit, unlike a work visa.

Official Visa: Those who are part of a Bahraini delegation to France must possess this visa; otherwise, they will not be allowed into the country.

Medical Visa:  Bahrain citizens seeking medical treatment in France can do so only after securing an admission letter from the health facility. They will then present it to the embassy for the visa. With the medical visa, they can proceed to France for their treatment.

Study Visa: The Study Visa is only for short term courses that will not last more than three months. For longer courses, a student visa should be considered.

Cultural Exchange Visa: This visa encompasses any Social activity in France like sports, festivals, film crew, culture, religion, etc.

France Schengen Visa Documents For Bahrainis

The French embassy will demand the following documents

  • A duly signed and completed application form

  • Valid Bahrain passport with at least three months validity after the departure date

  • Cover letter

  • Civil status certificate

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Proof of financial means

  • Travel health insurance with €30,000 minimum cover

  • Round trip flight Itinerary and ticket reservation

  • Two recent photographs

  • Visa fee receipt

For minors traveling with guardians, a parental consent form must be attached to the application, but if they are traveling with their parents, a civil status certificate, like a birth certificate, will be required to prove the parental relationship.

The application fee for the Schengen visa Bahrain is €80, but €40 for children between 6 to 11 years and free for children under six years. The receipt must be added to the documents as proof of payment.

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