Schengen visa France application form

Schengen visa France application form is a document used to collate an applicant’s personal information so the French embassy will be able to process their visa request. Without filling out and submitting this document, obtaining a France tourist visa is impossible. 

You can complete this form by downloading it from a dedicated website in PDF format and filling it out by hand, or you may choose to fill it out online by typing in your details before printing it out and signing.

This document is available in three different languages, namely English, Spanish, and French, and applicants are expected to fill it in any of these languages. In a situation where the language is different, the French embassy in the country will have a process of converting the language or may even go ahead to process it as written.

All French tourist visa application forms must be signed by the applicant; otherwise, it is not binding and will not be processed. Secondly, visa application forms are meant for one applicant, so two applicants cannot share the same form to apply for a visa to France.

How To Complete A Schengen Visa France Application Form?

Visa application forms can be downloaded online, or Copies can be made of an already printed one and used by the applicant. Applicants are advised to use the current one with the “Cerfa No – 14076*02” reference number rather than the outdated one bearing the “Cerfa No – 12160*01) reference number. When filling out this form, bear these in mind.

Write Clearly: If you must fill it out by hand, ensure that your handwriting is clear, as the last thing you want is for the visa officer to have a hard time reading your details. Write in block letters and use spaces.

Sign The Form: We can’t point this out enough; make sure you sign the form after filling it. Forms left unsigned will not be accepted or processed. Your signage is what makes the information valid.

Provide Truthful Information: Only provide truthful about information when filling out this form. Dishonest or wrong information will lead to visa request rejection.

Use The Proper Addressing Format: When writing down addresses in France, use the proper format of specifying the number, name of the street, city, and postal code. This is the proper format to use.

You may want to make photocopies of the form after you are done for reference purposes, as you will have to submit the original copy.

France In Europe

France is a Western European country comprising mainland France and two oversea territories, namely French Overseas Department or Regions (DTOM) and French Overseas Territories and Collectives (CTOM). The country has a long history dating back thousands of years and remains one of the most influential countries in EU politics and the globe. Mainland France was inducted into the Schengen Area in 1997 after signing the Schengen Agreement.

With a land area of 551,695 km2, it’s the number one tourist destination in Europe for travelers from around the world. France is blessed with historical sites, monuments, museums, and mountains. The food is good, and they have a thriving wine production industry. Every year, millions of visitors come to France for different purposes, and the culture is welcoming.

Holders of Schengen visas can enter France, including Andorra and Monaco, which are micro States inside France, regardless of whether the visa is issued by the French embassy or the embassy of another Western European country.

Schengen Visa France

The French Schengen visa is a visa that allows the holder to stay in France for a maximum period of 90 days. 

The visa is valid for 180 days and allows the holder to enjoy the sights and sounds for a short visit. This visa requires a completed application form and the following documents

  • Valid passport

  • Two recent identical passport

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Proof of funds

  • Travel medical insurance

  • Round trip itinerary

  • Cover letter

If You wish to stay in France for more than 90 days, apply for a long-term national visa instead of a Schengen visa.

Who Needs A Schengen Visa For France?

This visa is only required for travelers from third-world countries or countries not on the visa free list. There are currently more than 60 countries on the list, but if your country is not one of them and you wish to stay for only a short time, you should apply for a French Schengen visa.

Remember that you must complete every section of the Schengen visa France application form. No section must be left unfilled, and take your time to crosscheck your information for errors or misrepresentations before submitting it for processing. 

Processing takes about 15 calendar days or more, depending on the situation at the embassy.

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