What is an Australia ETA subclass 601

The Australia ETA subclass 601 has made it possible for many travelers to visit beautiful Australia. Australia is home to some of the best beaches in the world and a hub for wildlife and exceptional nature.

You can visit a family member or go for a business contract through this travel document conveniently.

Australia is also home to the world's largest barrier reef and provides some outstanding opportunities for mind-blowing adventure.

What is an Australia ETA Subclass 601?

Electronic Travel Authority

ETA refers to electronic travel authority. It is an electronic document many countries' nationals require to enter Australia.

The Australian ETA subclass 601 is a document that will allow you to go to Australia if you belong to a nationality that the Australian government has exempted from the visa. It can also be considered a temporary visa or a visitor visa.

Visit Australia

With this electronic travel authority, you can travel to Australia for leisure purposes as a tourist, for general business purposes, or to visit your friends and family.

The Australian electronic travel authority allows individuals to visit Australia for a stay period of 3 months. If you wish to be there for longer, you need to apply again.

Once the 3-month period is over, you need to leave Australia.

Passport holders from the following countries can benefit from the subclass 601 ETA. Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Hong Kong, the UK, Portugal, etc.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Australian ETA subclass 601?

There are some citizens the Australian government allows to visit Australia temporarily without needing a visa. This includes citizens of the United Kingdom.

If you are a national of the UK and hope to visit Australia, you will not need a visa. Instead, you will require an Australian ETA subclass 601. Therefore, with the help of electronic travel authorities, eligible passport holders can visit family members.

Any discrepancy may result in you being refused entry.

What are the Requirements to Apply to an Australian ETA subclass 601?

To apply for the subclass 601 ETA, you should have certain documents. These documents include having a valid passport so you can enter all the valid details and an email address as the ETA travel document will be delivered to you, and so will your visa grant number.

You need to be outside Australia to submit a visa application.

Moreover, in the ETA application form, you will be asked certain questions that need to be answered correctly. The questions will be to obtain personal information.

It would be best if you also met the health and character requirements criteria to get the ETA.

It would be in your best interests to ensure you fulfill the requirements to obtain the electronic travel authority document.

How to Apply for an Australian ETA Online?

Regardless of where you apply online, you must enter your passport details when filling out the visa application.

Make sure all health requirements are filled out properly. Moreover, ensure that the passport details on your passport and application form match.

You can visit the VisaHQ site to know more details about the visa process and even generate your ETA through their website by providing all your details, such as your passport number, and properly filling out the ETA application.

What Can You Not Use This ETA For?

Even though the ETA subclass 601 is valid for a year, you cannot stay more than 3 months in one visit.

Work and Criminal Activity

Moreover, if you have this ETA, you cannot use it to work in Australia. You can be a business visitor but not offer services directly. You will automatically be denied the electronic travel authority if you have criminal convictions.


Moreover, you may not be granted the ETA if you owe any debt to the Australian authorities.


Additionally, the ETA will not let you enter Australia if you have a disease such as tuberculosis.

Student Visa

If you are a student and wish to come to Australia, a better option to explore would be a student visa.

ETA can also not be used by countries that are not given an exemption for the visa by the Australian government.

Coming for a Business Trip

If you come for a business purpose to Australia with the ETA, you can not sell goods or work in any Australian company, or deal with Australian citizens. It would be best if you were a genuine visitor for business.

As a business visitor, you can discuss any business contract, be a part of conferences, etc. If you are on any official government visit, you will be allowed through the electronic travel authority document.

Amongst other things, you can make employment enquiries investigate too as a business visitor but don't try to provide services.


If you enter Australia on a cruise, you will need a visa if the cruise is a round trip, the time spent on the cruise counts as you being in Australia.

Therefore, confirm with your cruise operator if the cruise is a round trip. Always ask your travel agent for further information to clear these confusions, so they don't cause hassle later.

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