Australia eVisitor processing time and status check

Knowing the Australia eVisitor processing time and status check is important before you commence the application process. For those who don't know what an eVisitor is, it is an online travel document issued to foreign nationals who wish to travel to Australia for short stays.

This document is obtained online after submitting the eVisitor visa application form. Applicants don't have to visit the Australian embassy or any of their consular offices, nor do they require agents' help to get their visa. They can apply for it and obtain it from the comfort of their homes.

History of eVisitor

The eVisitor visa online authorization scheme was introduced in 2008 to help foreign nationals process short stay visas easily. It was a mutual framework created by the Australian government to allow EU citizens to enter Australia at short notice. Also called a visa subclass 641, it is available to all EU citizens. It differs from the ETA subclass 601, which Canadians, Americans, South Koreans, Malaysians, Japanese, Hong Kongers, Singaporeans, and Bruneians can apply online.

Processing Time

Australia eVisitor visa is primarily for European tourists and business persons who wish it visit the country for business or pleasure. Since it takes a few hours or up to 2 days to approve, it has made it easy for travelers to apply for it and get a valid visa at short notice. It is also a multiple entry visa.

Some applicants are lucky to receive their visas within 30 minutes or an hour.

If you want to avoid delays, make sure you do the following when applying for an Australian visa online.

Truthful Answers

Provide truthful answers to questions asked. Avoid giving fictitious or incorrect answers for one major reason when applying for Australian visas; Australian immigration officers are known to be among the strictest in the world and may reject your application for the slightest mistake. Also, ensure that your answers reflect the information in your travel document.

Upload The Right Documents

Ensure that you upload the right documents when applying for a visa online. Cross check each document and make sure they are the right ones and not expired. Uploading the wrong or expired document may lead to approval delays or rejections.

Do A Double Check

Do a final double check before you finally submit the form. Once the eVisitor form is submitted for review, you cannot change anything.

Most delays are caused by missing documents or inaccurate information and not by the officials at the other end. Endeavor to be extra careful when filling out the form and do a thorough check before submitting it.

eVisitor visa Requirements

The eVisitor visa requires a valid passport for approval. Only passports with at least 3 months of validity are accepted. The validity is counted from the day of your arrival and not from the date you submitted the form for the online visa.

You must provide an email address to receive the once it is approved. If you use the wrong email or one you don't have access to, you will not be able to obtain the visa once it is sent.

Another requirement is the application fee. The fee can only be paid with a debit or credit card, not cash. Master and Visa cards are good online payment cards.

One major requirement immigration officers demand to know your purpose of coming to Australia; for business or tourism. When answering this question, be sincere because during the short interview you will be subjected to at the port of entry, officials will ask similar questions.

eVisitor Information

Here are some questions you must provide answers to on the application form.

  • Full name

  • Phone number

  • Address

  • Passport number

  • Country of birth

  • Expiry date

Health/Character Requirements

Even if your documents and information are in order, you may still be denied entry into Australia on health or criminal grounds.

The government expects all visitors to declare their health status and if it poses any risk to the wider Australian population.

They also want to know if you have a criminal past, such as a bad criminal record or jail time served.

Not all medical conditions or criminal records will lead to visa denial or cancellation but lying about either of them may.

What Can I Do With The Australian eVisitor?

You can visit Australia for

  • Holidays

  • Visit friends and family

  • Enter for a round trip cruise on a luxury boat.

  • Visit for business meetings

  • Attend conferences and seminars

The eVisitor visa allows you to stay for up to 90 days in the country and is valid for only 12 months. Another thing to note is that this visa is not for paid work. Visitors are not to engage in paid economic activity during their stay; only foreign nationals with work visas can do so.

The Australia eVisitor processing time and status depend on the information and documents you provide. Submit accurate data and documents to avoid delays in your application.

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