Australia eVisitor for Lithuanians

Are you interested in applying for an Australia eVisitor for Lithuanians? Gathering all the information you need will enable you to apply for one successfully.

What Is The Australia eVisitor for Lithuanians?

The eVisitor visa is a travel permit issued to Lithuanians that allows them to visit Australia and stay for up to 90 days at a time. This travel permit is an online visa that guarantees the holder multiple access to Australia during the year. Essentially, this visa is reserved for business or tourism visitors coming into the country.

eVisitor visas are only valid for 12 months and start counting from the very day the visa is approved and forwarded to the applicant's inbox. Besides the visa's expiry date, the passport attached to it can also cause the visa to expire.

This means that if the holder's passport expires, the eVisitor visa automatically expires as well. That is why Lithuanians are advised to use passports that will not expire anytime soon.

It is also important to note that the eVisitor visa differs from the traditional electronic travel authority visa. While the Australian ETA is meant for citizens of a few countries outside the EU (Canada, Japan, Brunei, Malaysia), the eVisitor visa is solely for EU citizens.

What You Need To Apply For An Australia eVisitor Visa For Lithuanians

An Online Visa Application Process Form

Lithuanian applicants don't have to visit the Australian embassy in Ljubljana to apply for a visa in person. Embassy applications are only for long stay visas such as work or student visas. The eVisitor visa is solely done online and is approved within 24 hours. The applicant only has to complete the application form online and submit it for approval. With a smartphone and a strong internet connection, this will only take a few minutes.


You need a Lithuanian passport that is valid for at least 3 months. The validity is counted from the date of arrival and not the day the form is submitted. A valid passport that expires in less than 150 days will not be accepted.

An Email Address

This eVisitor Visa is not sent as a hard but as a soft copy to the email address provided by the applicant in their application form. It is important to only use an email you have access to.

Debit or Credit Card

The visa application fee is paid with a debit or credit card, not cash. Endeavor to fund your card with enough balance to cover the visa fee and the transaction charges. The best card to use for online visa fee payment is a Master Card or Visa Card.

Required Information

The applicant must provide details of the following information

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Current address

  • Passport number

After filling out the form, attach the required documents and submit them for approval after paying the visa fee. The visa will be mailed to your email within a few hours or after 24 hours. In rare cases, the visa may come two days later but keep checking your inbox as often as possible.

Note: All eVisitor applications are strictly reviewed by the Australian government through its immigration ministry, so ensure you only provide accurate information and valid documents; otherwise, your application will be rejected. Also, check your spam box if you can't find the visa or any feedback in your inbox.

What To Do With An eVisitor Visa

The eVisitor visa mailed to your inbox should be printed out and kept for your trip. Once you enter Australia, immigration officers will request the visa, passport, and other documents for review. They will also ask security questions about your visit before letting you in. Remember that Australian immigration officers may deny entry into the country if your answers are at variance with the information in your documents.


Grounds For Application Rejection

Your eVisitor application may be rejected on the following grounds.

Lack Of Adequate or Proper Information

Your application may be rejected if you fail to provide adequate or proper information. Providing sufficient and accurate information is important, as every entry will be scrutinized for errors. Endeavor to read and understand the visa requirement before applying for an eVisitor visa.

Criminal Record

Your application may be denied if you have a criminal record or Interpol has blacklisted you. A common practice of immigration officers is to ask security questions at the port of arrival. Visitors may be deported even if they have a visa should they fail to provide sufficient information about their records or trip.

Health Checks

Failure to declare your health status if you have any underlying conditions that may constitute a threat to Australians is another ground for application rejection or even deportation.


When filling out your Australia eVisitor for Lithuanians, always provide valid documents and accurate information.

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