UAE Visa for Indians

The United Arab Emirates is one of the popular destinations for tourism because of its new and amazing attractions. For example, Dubai is a stylish and fashionista city filled with modern luxury, style, architecture, and fashion. Many want UAE visas to make their dream of visiting Dubai come true.

However, if you are traveling as an Indian citizen, you will need to have a few documents and apply for a UAE visa. So, without any further wait, let's see how you can get a UAE visa.

Different UAE Visas Options

There are different visa options available such as visa on arrival, Dubai tourist visa, Dubai transit visa, multiple entry visa, and more for Indian nationals. Listed below are the common types of visas that you can apply for as Indian citizens.

Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai visa for Indian citizens with a normal passport requires the Indian nationals to apply for a pre-arranged UAE visa. However, if you have a green card issued by the USA valid for at least six months or have an EU or UK residence, you are eligible for a visa on arrival. For further details, let's see all the types in detail.

Visa On Arrival

For a visa on arrival in the country, an Indian citizen should have a green card, a UK or EU residence, and a normal passport. They can get a maximum stay of 14 days in the UAE and extend it for further 14 days. However, you cannot obtain a visa upon arrival in the United Arab Emirates without a green card or the residencies of the above-stated countries as an Indian passport holder.

Single Entry Visa

You must apply for a single entry Dubai visa through your embassy. The single entry UAE visas have multiple types. These are:

Short term visit single entry UAE visa: 

This UAE visa is valid for two weeks after the date of issue. Many tourists prefer this UAE visa, but it has a disadvantage. You cannot extend this type of visa.

Short Term visit single entry tourist visa:

This Dubai visa is valid for 58 days after it has been issued. You can extend it twice for 30 days by submitting the required visa fees. This means you can stay in the country without any problems for 30 consecutive days.

90 day visa:

This UAE visa is valid for three months from the date of issue. The 90 day visa is advantageous for those who want to stay longer in Dubai or other UAE regions. This Dubai visa can be extended twice a month by providing the required visa fees and is valid for 58 days after the date of issue.

Multiple Entry Visa

The multiple entry Dubai visa allows individuals to visit the country at various times. This visit visa has two types. These are discussed below:

Multiple entry visa (Short Term)

Through this visit visa, you can enter the country many times till the visit visa is valid. It has a validity of 58 days and can be extended twice for 30 days by giving the required visa fees. However, you cannot cancel this type of Dubai visa once it has been used until its validity.

multiple Enter Dubai tourist visa (Long Term)

This visa is similar to the multiple enter Dubai tourist visa short term but has a validity of three months from the date of issue. You can also extend this visa twice for 30 days.

Dubai Transit Visa

You can get the following tourist visas when you are traveling through the Emirates airline flight ticket and are in transit waiting for your next flight.

48 hour arrival visa

This type of arrival visa is valid for 48 hours which means two days only. You can avail this visa by applying for a Dubai transit visa while traveling through the Emirates airline before visiting the country. This visa has a one month validity after its date of issue.

96 hour arrival visa

This type of arrival visa enables individuals to stay in the country for four days or less. It is also valid for a month after it has been issued.

How to Apply for a UAE Visa Online?

Applying for a UAE visa is easy whether you are going for tourist visas, simple visit visas, transit visas, or business visas online. You can easily apply by completing the visa requirements and your visa application.

Online Visa Application Service

The online visa application is easy. You have to follow the following steps:

  • First, you have to make a visa application account at VisaHQ.

  • Then you must fill out all the information, including your name, country, place of birth, address, passport information, etc.

  • Then pay the online visa application fees.

  • Submit your application form and all the required documents.

Advance Visa Arrangements

You can visit VisaHQ's website to get all the visa requirements. However, here are a few documents that the UAE embassy for an e-visa requires. These include:

  • A valid passport

  • A digital image

  • Email Address

  • Payment Method

Depending on your visa, you might be asked for additional documents, so it is better to check all the visa policies at VisaHQ before applying for your Dubai visa. Moreover, Abu Dhabi has suspended all its visa services except for visa on arrival, so plan your trip to UAE accordingly.

Visa Processing Time

The visa processing time varies for different countries. For UAE, the processing time of visa is generally four to eight working days. Nonetheless, it is better to apply for the visa and complete all the required documents two weeks before your intended business trip or entry to the country to avoid any issues with your flight ticket or visa.

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