Uganda visa for Indians

Uganda visa for Indians is a travel permit that allows Indian citizens to enter the country to pursue their interests for a period of time. There are different types of Uganda visas, but the application process is the same for applicants. If you are an Indian passport holder with plans to visit Uganda anytime soon, you should read this post till the end to know more about the visa requirements and the validity of each Uganda visa online.

Indians In Uganda

Indians are some of the most traveled citizens in the world, and many of them have found a home outside their homeland. The same is the case in East Africa in general and Uganda in particular. Today, there is a thriving Indian community in Uganda, some of whom have even become naturalized citizens.

Many Indians visit Uganda each year for business pleasure, and they come bearing different passports. The government of Uganda welcomes foreign nationals into the country to boost the tourist industry, which is one of the major revenue earners for the economy.

Do Indians Need A Visa To Enter Uganda?

India is not a visa-exempt country, so Indians need visas to enter the Republic of Uganda. Holding a visa as an Indian is what grants you the legal right to visit the country and spend some time, depending on the validity of the visa you are issued.

Types of Uganda Visa For Indians

Here are the different types of visas for Indians coming to Uganda.

Tourist Visa: This visa is for Indian tourists who want to spend some time outside the homeland. 

You can spend your holidays in Uganda or go sightseeing in any of the wildlife reserves. Tourist visas are valid for 90 days and allow for stays of up to 45 days.

Business Visa: A business visa has a similar validity with a tourist visa, but it is issued to Indians coming for a business meeting or event. This visa doesn’t allow the holder to engage in any paid work during their stay in the country.

East Africa Tourist Visa: This visa is like the conventional tourist visa, but it is a joint visa recognized by the government of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. The visa allows the holder to visit any of the countries, but they must first visit the country that issued the visa before going to the others. It is valid for 90 days, and you can visit and stay in these countries for 45 days. This visa is not renewable.

Transit Visa: Any Indian traveling to another country but plans to take a connecting flight from Uganda can apply for a transit visa. It is valid for 7 days but is not required if the visitor does not plan to leave the airport.

E-visa: An E Visa is a special electronic visa attached to the passport. It is available online, and the applicant doesn’t have to visit the Ugandan High Commission in New Delhi to submit an application. The visa is easy to obtain by submitting the completed and signed application form, including all documents, online. E visas could be single or multiple entry visas.

Do Indians Qualify For Visa On Arrival?

Indians do not qualify for a visa on arrival. So you are advised to apply for the visa online and get it before boarding a flight to Uganda to avoid inconveniences.

How To Apply For A Uganda Visa For Indians?

The first option is to approach the Ugandan High Commission in New Delhi to submit physical documents and a physical application form. The second option is to apply for an e-visa online, which is the fastest method. E visas take only about 3-5 working days to process, and you can get your visa in due time. Here are the steps to follow when applying for a visa.

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Select Uganda as your destination

  • Select India as your citizenship

  • Choose the e-visa you want

  • Fill out and sign the online application form

  • Attach your documents

  • Pay the visa application fee

  • Submit for processing

The visa will be sent to your registered email address after a few days.

Visa Application Requirements For Uganda Visa

These are the documents you will need to complete your application

  • Indian passport valid for at least 6 months with two blank pages

  • Colored passport-sized photograph

  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate

  • No refundable visa fee

  • Return flight ticket

  • Hotel reservation

  • Current bank statement

All languages in the document should be written in English. They should be submitted in physical copies for embassy applications and soft copies for online applications.

Uganda Visa Processing Time

It will take 3-5 working days to revive your Uganda visa for Indians.

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