Uganda visa for Canadian citizens

As a Canadian passport holder, there are so many places you can travel to in Africa to enjoy pleasant weather and the wonders of nature, and Uganda is one such country. However, to enter the small East African nation to enjoy your vacation, you need an Uganda visa for Canadian citizens.

Canada is cold for most of the year; as you already know, many Canadians who travel out of North America on vacation prefer to travel down south to warmer climes, and Africa is a top destination.

To simplify the Uganda visa application process, the government of Uganda introduced a new online visa application program to make the process easier for foreign visitors looking to spend some time whenever you visit Uganda.

Uganda E Visa

The Ugandan electronic visa was launched in 2016 at a time when many other countries were launching theirs to replace visa-on-arrival schemes. Before the e-visa launch, Canadian passport holders and citizens of other countries who were eligible for e-visas received one at the Entebbe airport on their arrival.

The process was inefficient, and that were often long queues at the arrival point, but all this changed with the introduction of the e visa. Visitors were no longer spending several hours at the airport experiencing any other inconveniences.

E visas are valid for 90 days and may be either single or multiple entry visas. They take under 20 minutes to apply online and fill out the application form. Furthermore, this travel document allows Canadian citizens to stay in the country for up to 45 days. In the case of a transit e visa, the visitor can remain in Uganda for 2 days before their connecting flight takes them to their destination.

Receiving the e-visa is also done online through an email address. The applicant doesn't have to visit the Ugandan embassy to apply for the visa or to receive it. The authorities will send it to the email address they provide, and from there, they can print it out.

What Canadians Need To Apply For Uganda E Visa

Find below the things you need to apply for an e visa for travel.

Canadian Passport

Applicants from Canada must submit a Canadian passport valid for up to 6 months with at least two blank pages left. They must scan and upload the passport's bio page on the application page.


Upload a recent passport-sized photograph showing their face clearly. Their face must be clear and without obstructions.

Email Address

A valid email address to which the Uganda e visa will be forwarded if approved.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

The Ugandan authorities expect visitors from certain countries to have a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Those without one may be given one or quarantined for a while before they will be let into the country

Letter of Invitation

Those visiting a relative, friend, or guest must upload the invitation letter to them. The letter must clearly bear their name with a signed guarantee that they will be financially responsible for the applicant's well-being.

Debit or Credit Card

The application fee is paid online, so a debit or credit card is required. Applicants must ensure the card has sufficient funds to cover the application cost.

Return Ticket

The applicant must upload a copy of their return ticket to serve as proof that they will definitely return to Canada before or on the 45th day after their arrival.


They must provide an itinerary of what they plan to do once they are in the country.

Print Out

Successful Canadian applicants must print out the e visa from their email and travel with it from Canada to Uganda. Immigration officers on duty will check it along with their passports. If satisfied, they will stamp their passport and let them into Uganda.

Things To Remember

It is important to note the following.

Do Not Overstay

The Uganda e visa is valid for 90 days and allows for visits of not more than 45 days. If yours is a multiple entry visa, you can visit the country more than once before it expires, but if it is a single entry visa, you can only use it once. On no account should you stay beyond 45 days: the days start counting when your passport is stamped at the arrival lounge in the airport.

Not Transferable

The Ugandan e visa is not transferable, and two people cannot use the same e visa.

Not For Minors

Minors can travel with their guardians or parents to Uganda with an e visa, but they cannot apply for one themselves because they are underaged. Only adults 18 years old and above can.

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