Uganda visa for Argentinians

Argentina may be thousands of miles from the southern coast of Africa, but it will interest you to know that adventurous Argentinians have always found their way to the mother continent one way or the other. Citizens of the South American nation looking for a safari adventure far away from home prefer to come to East Africa, and Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and South African countries are among their top choices. However, to visit Uganda, they require an Uganda visa for Argentinians.

Visa Application Methods

There are two ways citizens an Argentina can apply for an Argentina visa to Uganda.

Embassy Application

One way to apply for an Uganda tourist visa is to visit the Ugandan embassy in Buenos Aires. In-person applications are necessary for long-term visits above 6 months. The applicant will be asked to complete a physical application form, attach valid documents and submit it for review. They will also be invited at a later time for a one-on-one interview with embassy officials.

This direct embassy application method is required for Argentinians who plan to live or work in Uganda for an extended period. The visa will qualify the holder for temporary or permanent residency.

Online Application

The second application method is the online application method. Online application is the fastest means to obtain a Ugandan visa. The applicant doesn’t have to visit the embassy in person to apply for the visa, and the review timeline is much shorter.

Applicants can receive their visas in under 24 hours or before 3 working days. This is the ideal kind of visa for applicants who plan to visit Uganda for a short time. As an Argentinian, you qualify for a Ugandan e visa.

What Is A Ugandan E Visa

A Ugandan e visa is an online visa issued to foreign nationals who wish to enter Uganda. The e visa program was launched in 2016 at a time when other countries were launching theirs to facilitate visa applications. This e visa initiative replaced the previous visa-on-arrival program of the Ugandan government.

Argentinians can apply for an e visa at short notice from the comfort of their homes and have it issued to them so they can make the trip from South America to East Africa.

An E visa may be a single entry or multiple entries. Single Entry e visas allow the holder to enter Uganda just once with the travel document, while multiple entry e visas allow multiple visits to Uganda until it expires. Holders of Uganda e visas can stay in the country for up to 45 days per visit, and the visa expires 90 days counting from the day of issue.

A Ugandan e visa Is an online visa issued to foreign nationals who wish to enter Uganda. The e visa program was launched in 2016 at a time when other countries were launching theirs to facilitate visa applications. This e visa initiative replaced the previous visa on arrival program of the Ugandan government.

E-visa Application Requirements

To apply for an e visa, you require the following.


An Argentinian passport with at least a validity of 6 months. The bio page and the last page of the passport must be scanned and uploaded on the online application form.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

Only vaccinated travelers are allowed into Uganda. Those who cannot prove that they have been vaccinated must be get a yellow fever vaccine or quarantined in some cases.

Email Address

A valid email address is required to receive the e-visa once the application is approved. Applicants must endeavor to only provide the email address they operate.

Debit or a Credit Card

A credit or debit card is required to pay the visa application fee online. Applicants must ensure that the card contains sufficient funds for the online payment to go through.

Letter of Invitation

If the applicant is invited by family or an organization, they must upload a copy of the invitation letter to prove the reasons for their visit.

Travel itinerary

Their travel Itinerary is also required.

Once the e visa is approved and forwarded to the applicant’s email address, they must print a copy and bring it for their trip to Entebbe airport. Immigration officers at the arrival point will review all their documents and ask some security questions. If they are satisfied with the documents and response, they will stamp the passport and let the visitor through.

It is possible to arrive in Uganda without an e-visa but entering the country will not be possible. Visa on arrival can also be a headache which is why visitors are advised to apply for their visas before making the trip.

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