Tajikistan visa for US citizens

Many American citizens are well-traveled, and Central Asia is one region in the world where you will find a significant number of Americans. If you are an American citizen and would like to travel to Tajikistan, you must apply for a Tajikistan visa for US citizens. This page contains valuable information about the visa application process and the document you have to provide to qualify for one. Read on to know more about the Tajikistan visa for foreign citizens.

Traveling To Tajikistan

Tajikistan is located in Central Asia and is one of the Eurasian nations where you will find American nationals. The country operates a visa policy open to citizens of almost every nation on earth, including nationals of the United States. Whoever wishes to visit Tajikistan from the US needs to obtain a visa first. The good news is that the government of Tajikistan has introduced a speedy visa application process allowing applicants to apply for the visa online.

Types of Tajikistan Visas

There are different types of Tajikistan visas that US citizens may apply for so you need to know the right visa category to apply for. These visas have different validities and are suitable for various travel purposes. Here are the different visas you may apply for.

Tourist Visas: A tourist visa is issued to US nationals who wish to visit the Central Asian nation for tourism. The visa is easy to apply for, and you don't have to visit the Tajikistani embassy or consulate in the US. The application form is available online, so you can simply fill it out and submit it for approval. You don't need to provide an invitation letter sent to you by a Tajikistan national to qualify for one, either. Tourist visas are very easy to obtain, provided to have the required documents.

Business Visas: A business visa is meant for business trips. American citizens who want to visit to conduct business or attend a business meeting, symposium, conference, or any business-related activity may apply for this visa. To qualify, you need to present an invitation letter forwarded to you by the Business entity you are dealing with in Tajikistan. The letter must show the business entity's name and contact details, including your name and the purpose of your visit.

Private Visas: A private visa for those visiting friends and family in the country. It is also for medical visits or any other short-term, non-commercial visit.

Investment Visas: Investment visas are different from business visas. An investment visa is for heads of corporations and business entities coming to Tajikistan to conclude large investment deals or for family members of business heads.

Work Visas: A work visa is for US passport holders employed by a Tajikistan company. Their family members may also apply for this visa as well.

Study Visas: US citizens studying in Tajikistan may apply for a student visa for undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Their family members may also apply for the visa too.

How To Apply?

You can apply for any other visas listed above through any of the following methods.


The online application method is by far the easiest method for US applicants. The online method allows you to apply for the Tajikistan e visa or electronic visa. This process can be completed with your smartphone.


If you want a long-term visa, you must forward your application to the Tajikistan embassy or consulate. This route takes slightly longer, and you may be invited for an interview.

The Online Application Process

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates the e-visa program, a simplified process. You have to complete the application form online and attach the necessary documents. You must also pay a visa fee for processing, which is non-refundable. After submitting the application form, it will take about two working days to receive the visa in your email. Please print it out and travel to Tajikistan with it for immigration approval. Note that the e-visa is only for the purposes of Tourism and nothing else.

Also, note that you can use the Tajikistan e visa to enter the country through the airport or any border crossing.

Required Documents For Tajikistan Visa Application For US Citizens

You need the following documents to apply for an e-visa.

  • US passport with at least 6 months validity

  • Email address

  • Credit or debit card to pay the non-refundable visa fee

  • Proof of funds

You must also have a clean criminal record to be allowed into the country.

You can enter Tajikistan as a US citizen and stay for up to 60 days with a tourist or business visa, but the Tajikistan evisa is only valid for 90 days

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