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Are you an Indian citizen and want to travel to the Republic of Tajikistan? To travel to Tajikistan as an Indian citizen, there are specific visa policies that you should know. These policies include certain visa requirements that you have to fulfil properly.

Therefore, this article aims to help you know more about such regulations and how as an Indian citizen, you can get access to the Tajikistan visa! Hence, plan your trip to Tajikistan now!

Do Indians Need a Tajikistan Visa?

Surely, Indian citizens cannot travel to Tajikistan without obtaining a visa. The Tajikistan visa for Indian citizens is a must if these travelers wish to have a smooth entry to Tajikistan. It doesn't matter why you are going to Tajikistan. If you are an Indian passport holder, you must obtain a Tajikistan visa.

What are the Different Types of Tajikistan Visa Available?

The Tajikistan government has categorized the types of visas according to the purpose of the visit. For Indian travelers to Tajikistan, there is the Tajikistan tourist visa and the Tajikistan business visa available.

Tajikistan Tourist E-Visa

The Tajikistan tourist e-visa is an electronic visa. They are easy to get hold of, and the visa process is fast and efficient. Unlike a standard visa, you don't have to mail any documents. Moreover, you will receive the tourist e-visa online through your email.

A tourist visa is mainly for those individuals whose primary travel purpose is exploring the country or tourism. Moreover, the tourist visa can also be used by those who want to visit Tajikistan to meet their relatives and loved ones. The tourist visa is the most commonly applied. It is a type of visitor visa and is a short-stay visa.

This Tajikistan tourist e-visa is available as a single entry visa, multiple entries, a single entry with a GBAO permit, and multiple entries with a GBAO permit. The GBAO permit allows entry into Tajikistan and Gorno Badakhshan autonomous region.

All the different tourist e-visas are valid for 3 months and permit a maximum stay of 60 days per visit. Moreover, the processing time is about 5 business days.

Tajikistan Business E-Visa

Business e-visas are also electronic visas, allowing individuals to travel to Tajikistan for business purposes. A business visit is when you have to attend any business activity, such as a meeting or a seminar. However, the business visa does not facilitate employment.

Moreover, you can also obtain a business visa for single entry, or multiple entries, with and without the GBAO permit.

The processing time for this visa is 5 days with a maximum validity of 3 months and 60 days visit for each time.

Apart from the primary documents, you may need to provide a visa support letter for the business visa. This will be from a foreign company or employer. Moreover, this visa support letter should state the purpose of the visit or the project you will be attending.

There is also the Tajikistan transit visa. A transit visa is needed only when you have to pass through Tajikistan to travel to another country.

What are the Visa Requirements for the Tajikistan Visa for Indians?

As Indians are eligible for the Tajikistan electronic visa, there are not many documents that an e-visa needs.

The documents you will need include a copy of your valid passport. Moreover, you must ensure that your passport has at least 2 blank pages. The minimum validity of your passport should be for at least six months, counting from the day you arrive in Tajikistan.

Moreover, for the application form, ensure that you enter the correct details and that the email address you provide works and recheck that you have entered the correct email address. This is important as your visa will be emailed after processing.

Moreover, apart from the few documents required and the completion of the visa application form, you must complete the visa fee payment.

How to Apply for the Tajikistan Visa Being an Indian?

As mentioned above, being an Indian, applying for a Tajikistan visa is simple. As Indians fulfil the eligibility criteria for the e-visa, it is not necessary to go to the Tajikistan embassy to get the visa. Rather, you can apply online and fill out the Tajikistan visa application form.

At VisaHQ, after selecting Tajikistan and India as the destination and home country, respectively, you can see all the details and visa information regarding the Tajikistan visa. You can then choose the type of visa you want to apply for. VisaHQ also provides visa support. Hence, if you get stuck anywhere, you will receive immediate help.

Next, you can fill out the application form, attach the few necessary documents and wait for your visa to be processed and emailed so that you can visit Tajikistan as per your wishes!

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