Tajikistan e-Visa processing time

Foreign nationals from many countries can acquire a Tajikistan e-visa if they wish to travel to the country. You don't have to trouble yourself by scheduling an appointment with the Tajikistan embassy if you are among those countries that can get a Tajikistan visa.

You can also get the Tajikistan visa on arrival; however, if the country you belong to is among those countries that can get an e-visa, then that is what you should opt for!

Therefore, this article aims to share everything about the Tajikistan e-visa. You will know more about its requirements, how it differs from a standard visa, the validity and processing time, and how you can conveniently apply for a Tajikistan e-visa!

What is an E-Visa?

An e-visa is an electronic visa. E-visas were introduced as they make the entire visa process easy and simplified. And the best part about e-visas is that they save you from the time-consuming journey of going to the visa office to acquire the visa.

What is the Tajikistan E-Visa?

The Tajikistan E-Visa is an electronic visa and an official document that permits entry to foreign citizens from different countries to Tajikistan. The electronic visa provides a hassle-free procedure to all those individuals who want to visit Tajikistan but do not want to go through the time-consuming and lengthy process of acquiring the visa by visiting the nearest Tajikistan embassy.

You can get an electronic Tajikistan visa for single entry or multiple entries. Moreover, if you wish to visit the GBAO area of Tajikistan, you must get the GBAO permit along with the Tajikistan visa. The multiple entry visa allows visiting Tajikistan more than once until the visa validity lasts.

The e-visa can be issued for tourism as well as for business.

The Tajikistan tourist visa is required when your primary aim of travel is to explore the country and tour it. You can also use the Tajikistan tourist visa to enter Tajikistan for meetup purposes with family and friends.

On the other hand, a business visa is for business purposes when you have to travel to Tajikistan on the order of your company or when a company has invited you to Tajikistan. Any official matters, such as business meetings, seminars, and contract signing, can be performed if you have a Tajikistan business visa.


The e-visas normally have a maximum validity of 3 months. And per visit, you can have a maximum stay of 60 days.

Processing Time

For most countries, the processing time of a Tajikistan e-visa is around 5 days. The processing time can differ according to the type of visa application you submit. Therefore, the fewer errors in your visa application, the greater the chances of your visa request being delayed.

What are the Requirements for the Tajikistan E-Visa?

Unlike a standard visa, an e-visa does not require individuals to submit too many documents along with the Tajikistan visa application form. You can easily complete the visa process online, and you won't be asked to gather too many required documents.

The main documents needed for the Tajikistan visa include having copies of your valid passport. The maximum validity period of your visa should be at least six months. Moreover, your visa should have at least 2 blank pages.

With an e-visa, you receive your visa through email, which you can later either save on your phone or take a printout of as you will be asked to show it to the immigration officers at the entry points.

And because you are sent your visa by email, ensure that you include the correct email address in your application form. Hence, the two main requirements for the Tajikistan electronic visa include having a working email address and scanned copies of your original passport.

If you opt for a standard visa, additional documents such as proof of sufficient funds, proof of accommodation, or invitation letters from whoever you are visiting or your company are required.

You also have to pay the visa fee when applying for the visa!

What is the Tajikistan Visa Application Process?

The Tajikistan e-visa process is super simple and efficient! Now you can get your visa without wasting much time. You can apply online while sitting at your home.

VisaHQ is one site that enables users to do so. At VisaHQ, you will select Tajikistan as the country you will be visiting, and according to your nationality, you will fill in the prompt. Once you have done so, according to your nationality, you will know about the different visas available for Tajikistan for a specific country. The site will display information regarding Tajikistan electronic visas and standard visas.

You can choose the visa you want to apply for, click on apply now, fill out the Tajikistan visa application form, attach the documents, and the process will be complete!

You can now wait within the processing time stated and soon find your visa in your email inbox!

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