Tajikistan visa for Pakistani

Are you making plans to visit the Republic of Tajikistan? If so, are you not sure what the visa policies are and whether or not you need to acquire a visa being a Pakistani citizen? We are here to help you on your quest to secure your visa for Tajikistan and visit the country!

This article will inform you about the Tajikistan visa requirements, its types and how you can successfully apply for it!

Do Pakistanis need a Tajikistan Visa?

Yes, indeed. All Pakistani passport holders must obtain a Tajikistan visa if they wish to travel to Tajikistan. Regardless of the reason for your travel, acquiring a visa is necessary. Applying online for the visa will help you obtain it in no time.

What are the Different Types of Tajikistan Visas?

Tajikistan visas fall into two main categories:

Tajikistan Tourist E-Visa

If you have plans to visit Tajikistan to explore it and tour around the country, then a Tajikistan tourist visa would suffice for your needs.

Moreover, if you want to visit your family and friends, you can use a tourist visa to travel to Tajikistan. Citizens of Pakistan can speed up their visa process for Tajikistan by applying for a e-visa, as it requires fewer documents and is a relaxed process.

You can get the Tajikistan visa as a single entry or multiple entry visas. The processing time for the tourist visa is 5 days. If you get a tourist visa, you can stay in Tajikistan for up to 60 days per visit, and the maximum validity is 3 months.

The GBAO is the Gorno Badakhshan autonomous region in Tajikistan, and if you wish to travel there, you must get a GBAO permit.

Tajikistan Business E-Visa

For business activities such as attending business meetings, participating in business conferences, meeting officials, officiating or signing deals, Pakistani citizens should get a Tajikistan business visa. It is a short-stay visa and will allow individuals to go to Tajikistan for a business trip.

The Tajikistan business visa does not permit any individual to engage in employment related activities.

The maximum validity of the business visa is 3 months for both single entry and multiple entry visas. Moreover, the maximum stay permissible is 60 days each time you visit. The processing time is the same as the tourist visa.

What are the Tajikistan Visa Requirements?

The Tajikistan electronic visa requires individuals to have a valid passport. The passport should be valid for at least six months after arrival in Tajikistan. A passport is mainly needed for identification. Your Pakistan passport should have at least 2 blank visa pages as well!

You have to provide proof of sufficient funds to show that you can pay for your own expenses while you stay in Tajikistan. Bank statements, pay slips or accommodation details that show that you have already booked arrangements for your stay in Tajikistan will suffice. However, these documents are required only if you apply for a standard visa.

For the Tajikistan electronic visa, you must ensure that you have provided the right email. The email is necessary as you will receive your visa through email only.

One crucial requirement, along with all the required documents, is to fill out the visa application form accurately. Ensure that none of the fields to be filled is left empty, and ensure that your passport details match what you enter in your application form. Inaccuracies and missing information will result in your visa request process getting delayed.

You do not get the visa for free, and there is a specific visa fee depending on the type of visa and which type of processing you choose. Accordingly, you must complete the payment of the visa fees.

The visa fee can depend on the processing if you opt for the urgent processing time.

To visit the GBAO region, you also need to mention your wish in the visa application.

What is the Tajikistan Visa Application Process?

The visa application process will require you to go to the Tajikistan embassy or complete the process online. However, with the permissibility of the e-visa for Pakistani citizens, you can directly apply online and going to the embassy or consulate is not essential.

You can complete the visa process through the site, VisaHQ. VisaHQ is an online platform on which you can choose the destination country, home country, or nationality. Once you have chosen, VisaHQ will direct you to another page showing details such as the visa types available for that country and specific nationality, requirements for each visa type, processing time, visa fees, service fees, embassy fees and all other important things to remember.

Once you have decided which visa you want to apply for, you can fill out the online application form, attach documents, and then wait for the visa's approval! You will get the visa in your email, and you can take out its printout or save it on your phone in case you have to show it to the immigration officers!

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