Visa for Switzerland from South Africa

The visa for Switzerland from South Africa is available to South Africans who wish to travel to Switzerland for business, pleasure, or any other purpose. Switzerland has remained a top business and tourist destination for South Africans who wish to see something different from what the African continent has to offer, and Switzerland doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Furthermore, South Africa and Switzerland share friendly diplomatic relations, so both citizens are eligible to visit the other country provided they meet the Swiss Schengen visa requirements.

Traveling To Switzerland

Switzerland has been a Schengen nation since 2008, and South Africans are among the top 15 global Citizens that apply for Swiss Schengen visas. Bring a Schengen nation, Switzerland has a similar immigration policy to other member nations, and the visas they issue are recognized by them. Besides the Schengen visa, the Swiss government also issues national visas that are only recognized within its borders, so as a South African citizen, you have the option to apply for a Schengen visa or a national visa.

Switzerland is also a top business destination in Europe because of the massive number of banks and financial institutions in the country. It also has a thriving tourist industry with hotels, restaurants, resorts, parks, and historic landmarks.

Do South Africans Need A Visa To Enter Switzerland?

South Africans need a visa to enter Switzerland because South Africa is not on the visa-exempt list, so their citizens cannot apply for visa waivers. The visa is, therefore, the only legally recognized document that can be used to enter the country.

Types of Switzerland Visa

South Africans can apply for different types of visas, namely

Tourist Visa: This visa is for South African tourists visiting for tourism or visiting family and friends in the country. You can travel to any city or location within the borders of Switzerland with this visa. Tourist visas are valid for 180 days.

Business Visa: Being a top business destination, South African citizens with business interests in the country or those invited for meetings or conferences may apply for this visa. It is also a suitable visa for those looking for investment opportunities.

Work visa: A work visa is for those who have secured employment in any company or organization based in Switzerland. It gives the holder the legal right to work in the country and to also apply for a residence Permit.

Study Visa: South Africans who wish to Study in any Swiss University or college need to obtain a study visa after getting admitted into the institution. A study visa lasts for as long as the academic program.

Schengen Visa: This visa is a legal travel document recognized in Switzerland and other Schengen countries. If you want to visit other countries after your trip to Switzerland, you don’t want to apply for multiple visas; a Schengen visa is the best option. If you get the visa, you can visit as many countries under the Schengen Union as you wish as long as your visa is valid. In all, there are 26 Schengen countries in Europe


Switzerland Visa Application Requirements For South Africans

Here are the visa requirements for South Africans.

Visa Application Form: You must complete the visa application form. Endeavor to fill it with the correct information as they appear on your travel documents

Passport: A South African passport valid for at least 3 months after the visa is set to expire. Passports should not be older than 10 years and must contain a minimum of 2 blank pages.

Photograph: 2 recent photographs not older than 3 months. They must be colored, clear, and meet Schengen requirements.

Travel Insurance: A travel medical insurance with a minimum of €30,000 coverage. The insurance will be used to cover whatever medical expenses you incur during your stay in Switzerland.

Proof Funds: A bank Statement for three months with sufficient balance to meet your daily expenses during your stay. The minimum daily expense amount is €90.

Cover Letter: A cover letter explaining your reasons for the visit and the days you wish to stay in the country. The letter should also reveal key details about the trip.

Proof of Accomodation: A booked hotel reservation or a house address where you will stay in Switzerland.

Round trip itinerary: A copy of a flight reservation for Switzerland and back to South Africa.

How To Apply For A Visa For Switzerland From South Africa Online

If you want to apply for a visa online, here are the steps to take

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Choose Switzerland as your destination

  • Choose South Africa as your country of citizenship

  • Select the visa you want

  • Fill out the visa application form

  • Upload the travel documents

  • Pay the application fee

  • Submit for approval

These are the steps to take to apply for a visa for Switzerland from South Africa. 

Your travel destination  
Visa type
Your citizenship
Living in
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