Switzerland schengen visa photo requirements

Switzerland Schengen visa photo requirements are a set of detailed criteria that your application photograph must meet to be accepted by the authorities for processing. When applying for a visa to any country, there are detailed criteria you must meet, and that of the Switzerland Schengen visa is no different. Failure to meet these requirements will lead to application rejections. To ensure that your application passport photo meets all the requirements, we review all the key details it must have below.

Basic Switzerland Schengen Visa Photo Requirements

When applying for a Switzerland visa in 2023, here are the basic requirements for application photographs.

  • You must submit two identical photographs of yourself. The photographs must be attached to your application form.

  • The photograph must not be older than six months. This means the photograph must have been taken no later than 180 days from the day you use it.

  • The photographs must have a size dimension of 35mm x 45mm in height

  • Only colored photographs are accepted, not black and white.

  • Your head should cover up to 80% of the photo

  • The minimum image resolution requirement is 400 dpi

As you can see from the above, the photos have strict requirements so before you submit yours alongside other documents, ensure they meet these requirements. Furthermore, they must be on a white background or light gray. Images with patterned backgrounds are not accepted, and you must look straight at the camera when the shot is taken with a neutral facial expression.

Do not open your mouth or smile, and avoid wearing any shirt that matches the background color. Also, the use of image manipulation should be avoided, such as red eyes, shadows, or reflections. So the brightness must be balanced on every side.

Biometric Photographs For Schengen Visa Application

A biometric photograph is a standard photograph generally accepted by most countries, including those in the Schengen area, for visa application. Such photos are very clear and show the face in high resolution. For biometric photos, applicants are advised to have a morning haircut and not wear optical dark glasses or sunglasses. Wearing a hat and headgear that will cover or transform your face is prohibited.

A clear case in question is wearing a turban or hijab; these religious head coverings are accepted as long the color contrasts the white background color. Wearing black is a good option.

However, there are exceptions for religious headgear, but even then, it must be worn in a way that as not cover the face. The face mist he visible from top to bottom. 

In the case of recommended glasses, there are exceptions as long as your glasses don’t cover your eyes and are fully transparent. The glasses should not distort your eyes due to reflections, nor should they cast a shadow.

Other Photo Specifications

The photographs must be printed on quality paper at a resolution dpi of 400. This ensures that your natural skin tone is reflected, not distorted. Furthermore, the photographs must not be creased before using them. During the application process, you may be asked to submit additional photographs with other supporting documents, so it is best to have spare photos just in case.

Are the Photo Requirements The Same or Different For All Schengen countries?

The photo requirements are standard for all Schengen countries. The visa application process is the same, and they all request the same documents. The whole objective of the Schengen region policy is to ensure standardization of immigration for all Member States.

How To Get A Switzerland Schengen Visa?

To get a Schengen visa for Switzerland, you must visit the Swiss embassy in your country to apply for one. If there isn’t one, look for an accredited agent for the embassy in your location, like VFS Global. You will be asked to submit a set of documents, such as

  • A completed application form

  • Valid passport (3 months minimum validity)

  • Two passport photographs

  • Travel medical insurance with €30,000 minimum cover

  • Round trip ticket

  • Cover letter

  • Proof of funds

  • Application fee

These documents are basic for all Schengen visa applications, but you may be asked to submit additional documents if required.

After submitting the above, your application will be processed, and the visa will be released within 15 working days or less.

Another option is to apply for the visa online if applicants from your country are allowed to do so. Short-stay visas with 180 days validity are open to online applications for applicants from selected countries. If you are eligible, you can submit your application visa VisaHQ by doing the following

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Select Switzerland as your destination

  • Select your country

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Fill out the application form

  • Attach all required documents

  • Pay the visa application fee

  • Submit for approval

As long as you meet the Switzerland Schengen visa photo requirements and other documentary requirements, the visa will be issued to you.

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