Switzerland schengen visa appointment

Eligible applicants may apply for a visa to Switzerland, but they need to book a Switzerland Schengen visa appointment first at the embassy. Swiss embassies and consulates all over the world accept visa applications and conduct interviews to evaluate qualified applicants. However, the Swiss government partners with agents in countries they don't have embassies.

If you would like to apply for a Schengen visa to Switzerland, keep on reading to learn a thing or two about the Swiss Schengen visa application process.

Traveling To Switzerland

Switzerland is a sovereign nation in Western Europe and a member of the European Union. The country of more than 8 million people is one of the world's most developed countries, with its citizens enjoying one of the highest living standards in the world. Boasting a land mass of 41,285 km2, its official capital is Bern, but it is not the largest city in the country. Geneva and Zurich are the largest in population and development, with many companies citing their corporate and global headquarters in these cities.

Switzerland is also a neutral country without a standing army and was last involved in a War in 1815. It joined the Schengen Area in 2008, allowing the Swiss government to issue Schengen visas to qualified applicants.

What Is A Shenghen Visa?

Schengen visas are special visas issued to foreigners by Schengen countries in Europe. The visa is quite dynamic and guarantees the holder free entry and exit from other Schengen countries as long as it remains valid. This means that if you are issued a single entry Schengen visa or a multiple entry Schengen visa by the Swiss government, for instance, not only are you allowed to enter the country but you will also be allowed to visit other Schengen countries as well.

This joint visa by Schengen countries is valid for 180 days, and the holder can stay in the region for 90 days. However, if you wish to visit multiple countries, the rule states that you must visit the country that issued the visa first before any other country.

Switzerland Schengen Visa Appointment

Applicants for the Switzerland visa must book an appointment with the Swiss embassy in their country or with a designated agent if there isn't a Swiss embassy or consulate. The appointment booking process varies from country to country, so endeavor to find out the process in your area.

Some Embassies and agencies allow applicants to book appointments over the phone or via email. Others expect the applicant to visit in person to book the appointment. Once a day has been scheduled, ensure you get there on time with all your documents. The official on duty will receive your documents and check them one after the other. You will be asked to take leave while processing your Switzerland visa application if all is in order.

Successful applicants will be informed to return for their passports and visas at a later time, often within two weeks or less.

What Documents Do I Need to Process A Switzerland Schengen Visa?

All applicants must submit the following documents.

Swiss Application Form: A completed Schengen visa application form. All the information you provide must comply with the requirements without errors.

Passport: A Passport with at least three months of validity. Passports older than ten years are not accepted and must have a minimum of two blank pages.

Previous Visa: If you have a previous visa, attach it to your application. Schengen visas to other countries are also accepted.

Round Trip: A copy of your booked flight to and from Switzerland.

Proof of Financial Means: Proof of financial means to cover your expenses while in the country. A sealed statement of account must be submitted showing your capacity to fund your expenses at €92 per day. This fee is reduced to €27 per day for students.

Proof of Civil Status: A document to prove your statuses, like a birth certificate or Marriage Certificate

 Cover Letter: A Cover letter written and signed by you explaining why you wish to visit Switzerland and how long you wish to stay.

Travel Insurance: Visitors must purchase valid travel medical insurance that can provide up to €30,000 worth of medical costs.

These are the documents required for Swiss Schengen visa applications. Note that the Swiss authorities have very strict rules regarding their immigration policies, so ensure that you do not overstay your visa once you arrive in the country. Also, ensure that you obey the law and don't engage in activities that will attract sanctions.

Now that you know the Switzerland Schengen visa appointment process, you should apply for the visa as quickly as possible so your visa will be issued on time. For speedy visa approvals, submit valid documents and crosscheck the application form for mistakes before submitting.

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