Sweden visa processing time

Anyone applying for a Swedish must take note of the Sweden Visa processing time so they can plan their trip properly. Nothing can be as frustrating as changing your itinerary at the last minute because your visa arrives late. Unfortunately, this is a situation many people have to deal with whenever they apply for a visa. The good news is that you can make educated guesses as to when your visa will come out.

Sweden Visa Processing Time

So when should you expect your visa application to be approved after submitting the application form?

For starters, it will depend on the type of visa you apply for; some visas take longer to process than others, especially long-stay visas. Long-stay visas are visas that expire in 1 year or more and such visas take Swedish embassies up to 30 working days to process. In special cases, applicants may have to wait for up to 60 working days for their visas.

For short-stay visas that expire in 180 days, the waiting period may extend to 15 working days.

Several factors are responsible for visa delays, such as

Season: Many tourists like to travel during the summer months, so they submit their applications weeks or months before the summer holidays. Swedish embassies and foreign missions worldwide treat a lot of applications during this period, so there may be delays with your application. Especially if the visa Center or Swedish embassy you applied to has a lot of untreated applications.

Errors: If there is an error with your application or you submit incorrect or invalid documents, your visa application will not be processed. Sometimes, your application may even be terminated, and the visa service few already paid may not be refunded. 

This is why applicants must be very careful when filling out their visa forms.

Change in Policy: If you submit your visa soon after a change in Policy takes effect, your visa may be delayed as your application may not meet the new requirements.

To avoid delays with your visa, endeavor to submit your application on time. If possible, try to submit it about 3 months before your planned trip.

Who Needs A Sweden Visa?

A visa is required for foreigners who don’t fall into any of the following categories.

  • Those who are not from Schengen countries

  • Those who are not citizens of the European Union

  • Those who are not from countries on the visa-exempt list

According to Schengen immigration law, citizens from Schengen countries can visit other Schengen nations and stay for up to 3 months without a visa. Members of the European Union and citizens from visa-free countries enjoy the same privileges, but those not from these nations must apply for a Schengen visa before entering Sweden.

Types of Sweden Visa

Tourist Visa: The Sweden tourist visa is for citizens of foreign nations with plans to visit Sweden as tourists. The visa is valid for 180 days with a maximum of 90 days stay. You can visit any part of Sweden with this visa.

Business Visa: Being a top business destination, the government of Sweden issues business visas to those coming for meetings, events, or to seek business opportunities. This visa is valid for 180 days and may be a single, double, or multiple-entry visa.

Study Visa: International students admitted into higher institutions in Sweden must apply for a Study visa to live, work and study there.

Work Visa: This visa is for foreigners who a company or entity has employed in Sweden. The visa qualifies them for a residency permit and a work permit.

Medical Treatment Visa: Foreigners seeking medical treatment in Sweden must secure a medical treatment visa to enter the country to receive treatment in their chosen medical facility.

Family Visa: Also called a reunification visa, it allows family members and friends to visit their loved ones who are citizens or residents of Sweden

Transit Visa: It allows you to make brief stops at any airport before taking connecting flights to your final destination.

How To Apply For A Sweden Visa?

For long-stay visas and many other visas, you must visit the Swedish embassy in your country or their designated agent to submit a physical application form. However, if you are from a country that allows you to apply for a Schengen visa online, you can do so in VisaHQ. See the steps to follow.

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Select Sweden as your destination

  • Select your country

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Fill out the form

  • Attached are the visa application documents

  • Pay your visa fee

  • Submit for approval

Documents You Need

Below are the sets of documents you need for the visa application form

  • Completed application form

  • Two passport photographs

  • Valid passport with 6 years validity minimum

  • Sweden health insurance with at least €30,000 coverage

  • Round-trip flight tickets

  • Proof of funds

  • Proof of accommodation

Your travel destination  
Visa type
Your citizenship
Living in
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