Sweden schengen visa appointment

Sweden Schengen visa appointment

You must book a Sweden Schengen visa appointment at the embassy to get a Schengen visa to Sweden.

During the interview, the officer will request your travel documents and ask questions regarding your planned trip. We review the Schengen visa application process below and how to book an appointment. Keep reading to know more.

Sweden In The Schengen Zone

Sweden is one of the five Nordic countries in Northern Europe, with a landmass of 450,295 km2. Also called the Kingdom of Sweden, it has a population of 10.2 million, most of whom live in urbanized cities. Of all its big cities, the most populous city is Stockholm, the most populated city in the Scandinavian region. Sweden is a highly developed country with world-class transport infrastructure, as well as schools, hospitals, and a thriving economy.

It ranks high on the ease of doing business scale and is one of the most egalitarian countries in the world.

The kingdom joined the EU in January 1995 and officially became a member of the Schengen Area in 2001. With its admission into the Area, holders of Sweden Schengen visas could travel to other Schengen countries. In contrast, holders of visas from other countries in the Area could travel to Sweden.

In all, there are 27 Schengen countries with uniform immigration policies.

Do I Need A Sweden Visa?

If you are a National of any of the EU or EEA countries, you don’t need a visa to enter Sweden. You only need a passport or identity card to enter. Only citizens from non EU, EEA, or visa-exempt countries require visas to enter Sweden.

Documents For Sweden Schengen Visa Appointment

You will need the following documents to apply for this visa.

Valid Passport: A passport with a minimum of three months validity from the departure date from Sweden. Your passport must have been issued not later than ten years ago and have at least two blank pages.

Passport Photo: Two recent and identical passport photographs will be required. They must be clear and printed on quality paper with a white background.

Proof of Funds: A three months statement of account showing the sufficient balance to cover your expenses in the country. The minimum daily expense is $100 but $30 for students.

Proof of Residence: You must provide a hotel reservation copy showing the address where you plan to stay.

Round Trip Ticket: A round trip ticket reservation to and from Sweden. The ticket must bear the entry and exit date.

Letter: If you are self-employed, you must attach copies of your tax returns and operating license. Employed applicants must attach a signed letter from their employer stating their position and income. Students may provide the admission letter issued to them by the college.

Travel Insurance: Travel medical insurance issued by a Schengen-recognized insurance company. The certificate must have a minimum of €30,000 coverage for potential medical expenses during your stay.

How To Book For A Sweden Visa Appointment

To book an appointment, you must contact the Sweden embassy in your country or any of their affiliated agents. This can be done by emailing them or calling the hotlines to make the booking. A date will be communicated to you via a return phone call, text, or email.

Prepare for the appointment by arranging your documents and making photocopies of them. Arrive early on the appointed day and wait your turn until you are called forward by the officials.

The agent on duty will request your documents and review each of them. In addition, he or she will ask you questions regarding your trip, such as your purpose, the duration of your stay, and the activities you have planned for.

Visa interviews don’t take too long, so you should be done in 20 minutes or less. If your application is successful, you will be invited back to collect your Schengen Visa.

Sweden Schengen Visa Validity

Schengen visas are short-term visas valid for 180 days in most cases. You can stay in Sweden for up to 90 days, or you may choose to visit any other Schengen nation in the Area since it grants you free access to all member nations. However, you must visit Sweden first before traveling to other countries in accordance with the rules.

Sweden Schengen Visa Application Fee

There is an application fee for a Swedish Schengen visa for all applicants must pay, which is non-refundable. This amount depends on the age of the applicant. Applicants between 12-80 years of age must pay €80, while children of 6-11 years pay €40. There is no visa fee for children under six years.

To ensure that your visa is issued on time, endeavor to book your Sweden Schengen visa appointment on time.

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