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Are you an international businessman, or do you have business interests in Sri Lanka? Or maybe there is a business meeting you must attend in the Asian country; for all business-related engagements, you need a Sri Lanka business visa.  The business visa is a special visa issued to foreigners from non-visa-exempt countries, which gives them legal permission to enter Sri Lanka to conduct business. However, the visa is only issued to those who meet the requirements laid down by the authorities. This page provides adequate information about the visa application process for all applicants. Keep reading to know more.

Sri Lanka At A Glance

Sri Lanka is an emerging economy closely linked to the Indian economy. The country is a third-world country with fast-evolving sectors. She suffers from the incessant balance of trade problems, but despite the challenges, it has numerous investment opportunities for investors. In almost every sector, there are opportunities for owners of capital. These opportunities differ depending on geographic location, demographics, and more. Colombo is the executive and Judicial capital and the largest city and financial center.

Foreign nationals visit annually to attend meetings and conferences and meet with partners and suppliers, among other things.

Sri Lanka Business Visa

As stated above, this visa is issued to foreigners for short-term visits and is valid for three months. This document is issued by a foreign mission of Sri Lanka in other countries. Those who wish to stay longer than the three months their visa allows can apply for extensions of up to a year.

Sri Lanka Business ETA

Also called an electronic travel authorization, the government of Sri Lanka introduced this document to facilitate the entry of foreigners at short notice. While a business visa may take up to 30 working days to get, ETAs take less time. The system is so fast that applicants can get theirs in 24 hours. Moreover, the applicant doesn’t have to submit physical copies of their passport or any other document for that matter; everything is done online, so they only need to scan and upload the documents for review and approval along with the online application form.

Sri Lanka ETA is valid for only one month, but holders may apply for an extension when theirs is about to expire. However, they must be in Sri Lanka before they can submit an application for an extension.

How to Apply For Sri Lanka Business Visa/ETA Online

If you want to apply for an ETA online, you need a reliable platform that will simplify your application process. VisaHQ is a safe and secure platform. Kindly head to the official website to complete your application form in the following steps.

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Select Sri Lanka as your destination

  • Choose your country

  • Select “Business Visa”

  • Fill out the application form with the correct details

  • Scan and upload your documents

  • Pay your visa fee

  • Submit for processing

These are the simple steps to apply for a visa, and you will receive your visa in your email inbox in 1-2 working days. To avoid delays, ensure you only provide valid information and documents and submit the application on a working day, as applications received on a Friday will be carried over to the new week.

Processing Fee

Business Visa applicants must pay a non-refundable fee of $25 if they are citizens of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation countries. Citizens of non-SAARC countries are charged $30 for processing. Do note that this fee is not a guarantee that you will be issued the visa, and if your application is unsuccessful, the money will not be refunded.

Sri Lanka Business Visa Requirements

Find below the requirements for a Sri Lanka business visa.

Valid Passport: You need a valid passport to apply for this visa successfully. The passport must have at least 6 months of validity left and nothing less than one unused page for visa entry stamps.

Photograph: Two Passport styled photographs in color form and printed on a white background.

Invitation Letter: If you are invited by a company or organization, they must issue an invitation letter which you must submit for review.

Request: There is also a special request letter that the organization inviting you to Sri Lanka must provide detailing your status, business type, accommodation information, duration of stay, and trip purpose, among other details.

Visa Fee: The nonrefundable visa service fee must be paid with the payment receipt attached to the application.

Note that the authorities may request extra documents to validate your application besides the ones listed above. Also note that this visa is not a work visa, so it is illegal to engage in paid work during your visit. For employment, apply for a work visa instead, not a Sri Lanka business visa. 

Visa Policy of Sri Lanka

The law guiding the immigration and visa policy of Sri Lanka is the Immigrant and Emigrants Law of 1984, amended several times in 1993, 1998, 2006, 2015, and 2021 to reflect current realities. According to this law, all visitors coming to Sri Lanka must obtain visas in advance from the Sri Lankan embassy or consulate in their country or a visa on arrival. Travelers are separated into eligibility groups for this purpose.

Visitors from countries on the visa on-arrival list don’t have to acquire a visa before boarding flights for Sri Lanka as the VOA (Visa on Arrival) will be given to them at the airport once they touch down. Other nationals that don’t qualify for visas on arrival must obtain theirs from the embassy or consulate.

Then a third group of visitors qualify for an online travel permit called an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). This document is for tourists and businesspersons who want to visit and stay for only a short time. This ETA qualifies them for a visa once they arrive in Sri Lanka unless they fall into the visa-exempt category. The ETA was introduced in 2012 as an online system to facilitate the smooth registration of visitors before they enter the country, and it functions like an online visa even though it is not.

Applying for ETA is simple and fast, and you don’t have to visit the embassy in your country.

Another thing you should know is that the ETA is issued as a single or double-entry travel document that remains valid for 180 days after the date of issue and allows the holder to stay for up to 30 days per visit. You can enter Sri Lanka through international airports and seaports but not by land as Sri Lanka is an island.

You can use the ETA for tourism, transit, and business, provided you meet all the requirements.

Note: All visitors must have a valid passport for 6 months or more, regardless of their status. Also, Pakistani applicants are subject to additional processing by the Department of Emigration and Immigration.

Sri Lanka ETA Eligiblity

Only applicants that meet the following criteria will get an ETA

  • They must be citizens of an eligible country with a passport to prove it
  • Their passport must meet the minimum 6 months criteria conditions
  • They must have no intention to stay in Sri Lanka beyond the duration allowed
  • They must be financially capable of footing their living and traveling expenses
  • They must have no intention of working, studying or living permanently in Sri Lanka

Key Information About Sri Lanka

No Land Border: Sri Lanka is an island country surrounded by the Indian Ocean so there is no land access to the country. Although there are plans tombiod a land bridge between Sri Lanka and India, the project is yet to commence. The only route into the country is by air or sea.

Approved Routes: Visitors coming to Sri Lanka with ETAs are advised to only use approved airports and seaports. Traveling through unauthorized routes is Illegal and dangerous.

Get Vaccinated: If you plan to travel to the interior parts of the country bear in mind that some areas have health risks. Consult your doctor to recommend the right vaccines to take. Depending on your region, Yellow Fever vaccination is highly recommended and somis dengue and Typhoid fever vaccinations. There are currently no active Covid 19 vaccination mandates in Sri Lanka but visitors must show a negative PCR test result taken not later than 72 hours before arriving in Sri Lanka.

Travel With The Same Passport: Your ETA is linked to your passport and the number is what is used to generate the ETA. Endeavor to travel to Sri Lanka with the same passport used for the ETA application and not a different one.

Print Out A Copy: Always travel with a copy of your ETA to prove to the Officials that you have a valid document. Not only will the immigration officials request a copy of the ETA at the entry port, you may encounter law enforcement officers inside the country who may request to see your documents.

Sri Lanka Visa Online – Get your Sri Lanka e-Visa with VisaHQ

Getting an online visa for Sri Lanka is easy on VisaHQ. You don’t have to visit the embassy or consulate in your country, as you can submit your application and all the relevant documents from the comfort of your home using your PC or smartphone. The visa will be issued as long as you meet the online visa requirements.

How To obtain an ETA with VisaHQ?

The application process on VisaHQ is fairly easy and simple. In just a few steps, you can be done with your application. Here are the steps you need to take to apply for a Sri Lankan ETA:

Complete The Application Form: The first step is to navigate to the visa application page, select the e-visa you want, and fill out the form with the correct details to ensure your application does not get rejected.

Attach the required documents: The next step is to attach the required documents depending on the type of e-visa you choose.

Receive Your ETA: After applying, you must wait for your application to be processed. This will take a few days, but once approved, it will be forwarded to you via email.

Print the ETA and travel with it alongside the passport you used to apply for the E-visa.

Why Use VisaHQ?

Using VisaHQ for the Sri Lanka ETA application is the best move you will ever make because of the many benefits you stand to gain, such as the following

  • Fast and simple application process
  • We have been in the industry since 2003, with 20 offices and a presence in 6 countries
  • Enjoy first-class professional support from our experienced team.
  • Safe and secure platform
  • User-friendly application interface that is easy to use and navigate
  • Track your application with ease
  • Apply for multiple e-visas at the same time
  • Save documents for future applications
  • Encrypted website for data protection

With offices in two continents and six countries we boast of a rich network of experts who can provide technical support services when you need it.

Visit the VisaHQ visa application page now to complete and submit your application. Or better still, send us a message if you have any questions and we will get back to your speedily.


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